Tita’s Fishing Baits

In this bait is very common the use of two different sizes, the tita is a worm, a bait world-wide known in the world of the fishing, much used in the sport fishing, in the modality of fishing surfcasting, is a worm that usually attracts All kinds of fish and it is relatively inexpensive for that reason it is used to fish different species of fish, normally the size of the tita is small although they can be obtained of greater size measuring from 12 to 35 centimeters and even more.

Normally it has two shades of reddish and grayish yellow, for their conservation they must be kept in fresh places and try to be used in only a few days, although the tittle can be used for rocky areas, it is appropriate to reserve the bait of titre for the soils Sandy beaches where you can lay the hook for a while waiting for the golden dare to ingest it, although there are several ways to hook a tit, the most common way is using just as in another type of hooks a little thread Of lyra very beneficial for its great resistance in the fishing.

The bait of Tita is undoubtedly one of the baits of great excellence for the fishing of the goldfish, very used for sport fishing or amateurs who want to attract good fishing, this type of worm goes unnoticed by its tone and is appropriate for the golden Pay attention to the movement and smell and key the hook in a short time, although with this type of bait is not so common delay as it happens with other baits if it is considered that you have to be patient and stand still for good fishing Otherwise the golden one would go away and the fishing would be lost.

If you hook correctly you can become a fairly sturdy bait otherwise you will lose all your bait because of other smaller fish that show your interest in the worm.

The goldfish is attracted by the smell and tonality of the baits, it is a very elusive fish so it is necessary to be always very quiet to be able to fish easily a goldfish, the interest to fish bigger goldfish makes that the crabs are used And especially the American knife can thus obtain pieces of greater weight that favor the interest of the fisherman, there are different places where it is known that there may be a greater amount of goldfish and whether the set is long or if it is short or medium must have In account the current, the mobility, the type of hook and the type of cane to be able to have a good day of fishing.

Always avoid the baits that can be lost immediately if the goldfish that live in the area is very large and try to find suitable baits if the fish are smaller.