The Winner: Tindle Petri Heil Package

CONVAR developed the Tindle for ergonomic handling with tin cans. Safe handling by attached plastic handle allows you to heat the cans contents in the water bath, shaking up, serving on a plate, as well as comfortable hold for direct human consumption in the Tin. We are giving away ten Tindle Petri Heil packages now for our site users!

Often it is just the simple things, which significantly facilitate the everyday life \u2012 to think about would be for example of valuable kitchen helpers like Caplifter, corkscrew or can opener. For day to day use with cans of food has now developed another extremely handy tool CONVAR and applied for the patent. At the Tindle ( Tin / English blend linguistically in the box Word for box, and the second syllable of Handle/ English for fiddling around with each other=Dosenhantierer) is a non-slip grip that can be stuck up in no time on standard tin cans and lock with a click. Thus, each can get their grip and can be treated like a small pot.

Thus, you can warm in the water bath, for example, without burning the fingers to it, easily shake the contents, can serve the included meal on the plate or keep them comfortable to eat directly out of her.

Our Tindle is the ideal tool for comfortable dealing with the Tin can”, emphasizes Harald Göller, sales manager at CONVAR. “The practical handle to plug makes the cans to the pot and joins the world of useful little helpers, which are not only in the kitchen, but also in all canteens, break out rooms and each piece of outdoor equipment.

With the Tindle, there are no burnt fingers.


The Tindle is ideal for coarse or predator stalking quickly and easily to prepare a hot meal.Whether over a camp fire or a gas burner, with the Tindle, the handling of the canned fish is child’s play. We are giving away Ten Tindle Petri Heil packages, exclusively for readers total consisting of three cans of tasty food and a Tindle cans holders.

The ten winners, are now over which is ever a Tindle Petri Heil package can look forward.

  1. Danny Sanghvi
  2. Jan building
  3. Chris Drews
  4. Phillip Lange
  5. Tobias Rasch
  6. Thomas Fürste
  7. Thomas Schoch
  8. Karin Schmidt
  9. Volker Zinke
  10. Simon Koser

Thank you for your participation and have fun with your profit.