The Tatui Is a Bait Very Efficient

When the subject is bait, it is common to use the more easy, as the shrimp dead or corrupt. However, an option that is very productive, which passes almost unnoticed, is the tatuí (Emerita brasiliensis). This small crustacean, also called tatuíra, makes all the difference, especially with the pampos and betaras.

The Tatui Is a Bait Very Efficient 3

The tatuís appear on the beaches of tombo, in those where the sand is thick and fluffy. The closer to the full tide, in autumn and winter, the greater is the chance to find great communities of the crustacean.

To capture them, keep an eye out when the wave breaks, wash the sand and begins to retreat, at this moment it is possible to see it bury itself in the sand.

Some fishermen catch with the hand, but to make the investment and to give more, you can use a conical net or a shovel. Bury the tool in the sand and wait for the recoil of the wave, then you just throw the sand on top of a sieve, of those used in civil construction. Now just check.

The Tatui Is a Bait Very Efficient

As iscar
There are tatuís bark harder and the other softer, are easier to handle. To iscah them, begin to remove the side parts of the shell, until you remove it completely, calmly so as not to cut it in half.

Insert the hook of the tail (thinner part) to the head, leaving the legs facing outwards. The tip of the hook may become apparent or slightly hidden. Finally, the elastic thread in small amount so that it does not pull on the pitches longer, in short, it is not necessary to tie.

How to keep the
Separate only the amount of bait necessary for fishing, to avoid waste. The most effective way to conserve the tatuí live, is to put about two fingers of dry sand and fresh in a wicker basket known as “chicaca”, put them inside of the container and cover with one more layer of sand. Important, keep the basket always in the shade – they are extremely sensitive to heat. This way it is possible to keep them alive for 24 hours.

The Tatui Is a Bait Very Efficient 2

Identify the tatuí more productive
When we capture these crustaceans, there are specimens of various sizes. Loosen the lower, and save, mainly, ovados, easily identified by the orange color of the abdomen. These specimens (females) are more productive in fishing, not sure why, perhaps because they are larger than males or because of the roe.