The Silverside of the Cabra Corral

One of the largest in the country, located in Salta, with about 12,000 hectares and a catamaran from where to catch it. Image gallery.

Cabra Corral is one of the largest in the country, with an approximate area of 12,000 hectares. Within the reservoir there are many areas for camping and spend the day, with plenty of services for tourists and a large range of rental boats, boats and catamarans, the system used by the fishermen. The catamaran carries between 12 and 30 people and has many amenities such as toilets, barbeque, seats, light on their sides to the very practiced night fishing and up to bed to rest. The area of the reservoir is of great beauty, being Coronel Moldes (Dept. The vineyard) the town base for access to the dam.

Our hosts were Rubén Corimayo and Sergio Durand, who took charge of the Organization of the output. It would be two days of fishing, the first catamaran and the second boat. The first day dawned seminublada, with light wind from the Northwest that was increased, and a very low temperature with the passing of the day: at dawn was 4 degrees below zero. Anyway, as the Sun took height climate is was becoming more enjoyable.

Comfort and camaraderie

The catamaran Huguito was selected for output. Accompanied us a group of fishermen from Salta, all very supportive. We started sailing from the campsite the loan to an area known as Guachipas. The journey time was 1 hour 45 minutes and the boat was anchored at a depth of approximately 3 to 4 m. We do fishing with paternoster or almost glued to the bottom rocker. The rigs are armed with two small hooks (Maruto types work very well), Silversides are boca chica but robust and fighters.

The paternoster have some rotors of thin and long, wire hooks of the mother line kept separate and prevent tangles. Lines buoys are calibrated with a plomito that makes them work submerged, two types of pique are detected this way: If lifting the bait, the buoy lies, and if Jack and dragging down, sinking slowly.