The No-Knot Anti-sharp Teeth DS Rig

Who does not know that? Since you just annoy beautiful finesse techniques on bass and gets DEN impact. Immediately sitting also resistance on the other side of the canvas. In the head it has relaxed the images for a fraction of a second of the perch grenade in my head, until suddenly the cord. Once you do not even feel the weight of the lure, is a also just as quickly realized that this was not a perch at the other end.

Now one does not know whether to be mad at yourself because you once again with FC after the motto: “It is already biting no Hecht” has fished or whether now curses the Hecht, who had to take just the bait, which was meant for perch.

How to among others pike sure can fish with the DS-Rig and also neatly replaced by the speed Spinshot hook of VMCr, John has in a short report in the Prostaff corner of SHIMANO explained. Since I have also already lost one or two thoughts on pike sure finesse-fishing, I have to give a further variant for the best.

First, the list of ingredients:

  1. Trace
    . 2 Collet
    . 3 Eddy
    . 4 Collet chuck (also like Mint)
    . 5 Fluorocarbon
    . 6 Hook
    We take an arbitrarily long piece of steel leader with at least 30cm in length! That does definitely not, with corresponding volume Hecht.

Then we bind as follows a “No-Knot”:

  1. This will be threaded into the hook eye.
  2. Hold hook and steel
  3. wrap steel five times around the leg
  4. Important! The Trace from the leg side to the tip through the eye thread!
  5. Pinch, finished! Who does not trust the nodes, can fix the knots with superglue.
  6. Cut now a long piece FC and thread from the leg side through the eye
  7. After a uni knot bind to the steel.
  8. Since it was rather bad in pictures recognizes transparent FC, here is a sketch of the node. Most will know him anyway, but better safe than sorry!
  9. let slip to the hook down and pinch the node. Node ends cut, finished! By train at both ends of the hook takes the classic DS position.

10.Now at the end of it nor the vertebrae are clamped and from fishing it!

Another note: The fuss really attach only at the end! Otherwise, the No-Knotten no longer works! Logically, the No-Knot with thin, flexible steel works much easier than with the 1 × 7 9kg variant, which I have used in the images. One can also titanium in thin diameters super knotting it. Superglue I would recommend here but because I am a little skeptical at the spring behavior of the Titanvorfach. At 99%, it is likely to hold even without glue, but I have a better feeling with superglue.

While we’re at Titan: Since titanium is not curls, a pike secure Texas rig is possible.

With steel it is not, unfortunately, because the skidding Bullet is very easy curl the Trace. By the way: If you leave the Fluorocarbon in the DS version away, of course you can order fish and pike safely wacky. That’s all there on my part not to say other than enjoy nachbasteln…