The New Esox Magazine: Absolutely Brutal!

As of today, the 23 September 2015, the new ESOX magazine on the magazine shelves is for you. We tell you what awaits this time, here.

Hard times you come to. But in a positive sense. Because in the new ESOX magazine you read, why the brutal fishing for pike-perch can be so successful. Jigköpfen between 85 and 170 grams and hard hitting rods with a casting weight Matthias Brauch begins with its perch at the base up to 300 grams.He reveals why he specifically is this heavy fishing on the pike perch and what makes them so Erfogreich, you in the October issue of the ESOX magazine. The issue in the trade or in the subscription shop with one of many fantastic rewards ensures you.

More topics

  • The little ones are the greatest-Are small, inconspicuous, and full of surprises: small ponds and ditches. Sara Abdullah reveals why a spinning tour to such waters correctly can be worthwhile.
  • Your achievements are planned-Every angler knows that not every fish in every season perfect bites. To go yet always with maximum fishing opportunities in the waters, Holger Aderkaß makes a year plan.
  • Loafers or jigging – for lure fishing Zander need not only good bait, but must also know how they move successfully.Veit Wilde explain when the jigging and when the music brings the most bites.
  • Lightweight device, inspires hard-Fishing with ultra light-weight device brings not only fun fishing, but attracts a large variety of species on the hook. Christopher Görg reveals what matters at this fine spinning tactics.
  • Erwa(r)Tete success- not passive wading ashore standing or sitting, but actively by the water boat – so his Gunnar Schade his Pike stalks themselves.
  • Softjerk excluded, not screwed!-Who wants to offer his Softjerks style, can buy up expensive the necessary small parts. Or he takes small parts that is should find in every angler household instead: paperclip and shot lead. ANDRIAN Prus shows how he very cheap Softjerk mounting conjures up the perfect it.
  • So you build a bait rig-to buy finished wire leaders in specialist shops, is in the money.Our English author Duncan Charman shows how he his leaders to the bait fish fishing is itself tinkering.
  • Who makes route, starts!-On most waters, trolling is the best tactic to find big Pike.VStephan Mohr betrays you 10 tips that will make towing easier and more successful.

These and many other topics from September 23, 2015 in your ESOX magazine.