The Jewel of Trenque Lauquen

Fox leather lagoon shows an unmatched performance of silverside which now they are medium-sized, but that “grow” when the cold feel. Note with video.

Lakes there are ways, which always seem to be rewriting of how
fish them. Without a doubt, Fox leather is among them. But if in the duel of Trenque Lauquen history indicated Cuerito yielded less than neighboring large fennel but used to give best fish (something like losing the Championships but the best goals), the thing seems to have been reversed in the 2015 where – at least at the start of the season-Fox leather shines for quantity.

With good contribution from the canal that brings water from the river V and draining towards fennel for its channel of the Northeast, the average depth of this mirror is currently at 3 meters. There we realized a pique sustained from beginning to end our day of fishing. So it was easy this whimsical Lake, which were not few Silversides accomplished next to the boat as soon as we support the lines in the water, and even many set while we corregíamos an embodies and another buoy touched the water.

Holding Guide Olaff, our host at the time, with intense cold boy peje Jonah slightly its intense activity and the lagoon will return to their tricks. Translated: Silversides guys and medium will eat large, and become to see those see proud that they distinguish it for quality.

The truth is that with a harvest of more than 100 silverside in just one tomorrow, and returning a lot fish (no by not giving the measure, but by choosing only the largest), we went very pleased to check this area enjoys good health.

The day began with the city of Buenos Aires-Trenque Lauquen journey by access West to Luján and from there the route 5 to the town. We leave bags and personal effects in the cozy cabins Las Moras, where we would return after fishing for recharge, and after breakfast of rigor headed for Fox leather, to which we acceded by the same route 5 until the 348,700 Km, following the detour to the right along the old trace that route that dies in the mirror of water, where it operates the campsite Fox leather, served by the friendly Porky Gonzalez and his family (asphalt).

Olaff – named in his tiburonero inveterate for a rocker who saw in
your typical beard and attitude of a Viking spirit – had already his trucker in water and aprontadas cichlids to use bait. Then we start at the bottom of the mirror, across the lagoon to the shore opposite the jetty, and play with little wind of the day to work gareteando from the Center to the coasts.

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