The Always Productive Melincue

The large lagoon of Santa Fe South is a delight for those who know it fishing. Image gallery.

Laguna de Melincué is located to the South of the province of Santa Fe, distant 335 km from Buenos Aires City, 120 km from Rosario and 60 km from Venado Tuerto. At this time, it has an area of 12,000 hectares. The colour of its waters is due to the large amount of minerals that has dark brown. It has areas where the depth reaches 3.50 m.On one side of the lagoon old Hotel Spa, still under water, along with sticks which demarked fields and Islands, which according to the whim of nature emerge out of the water or sunken, remain is what makes the navigation should be carefully.

Melincué is rain water in tributary streams. When the volume is consideable, by means of pumps it turns to a canal which empties into the Paraná Pavón, avoiding to flood the town and the countryside.

A call from Diego Guaper guide warned us of the silverside that they were fishing in the laguna de Melincué. It had few details of this mirror, only fishing wading that you had made Merino Wilmar. Recently this year are left to throw away boats in the mirror through the Club Nautico Melincué, establishment which offers a very good drop and facilities to enjoy a day of camping in the open air.

Upon arrival, around noon, we find the Club, Carlos Goniel and the Aníbal Achondo authorities. And with the local guide Hector Yuyo Gomez, who said us Melincué wasn’t an easy Lake: a day fishing well and the next not so much. Also informed us that attempts are made to gareteando, that the Silversides chipped away at well above and that they were good ports, something that we see to see the arrival of a boat that had fish in the morning and had half a dozen very good copies.

We went to the boats down and prepare our teams. We use rods of 4 to 4.50 m long, telescopic and plug. Put it front wide reel reels (collect more meters per turn of handle), loaded with nylon multifilament or 0.23/0.26 mm (fleet only or with a bit of flotalineas) 0.14/0.18 mm, we pass the passer by. We boarded two boats: Marcelo and Walter, and Yuyo, a friend’s marriage and I at the other. We left on the access channel to the lagoon.The day was sunny, with regular winds of the northern sector, so that in the morning we could use any color of buoys (we would have the Sun top and it would not bother to see them). The tone of the water was dark due to the presence of iodine and salt, so we can deduce that we would have to put large baits for Silversides can spot them.

Arriving at the venue (an area deep located after a sunken Island Bank), throw the anchor to garetear lagoon, placing the rope in the middle of the Board.

All lines had wooden buoys balsa stick unequal and kite type. They were made of nylon 0.35 mm, with a separation between buoys of 1,40 m, rotating rotors and snoods armed with nylon hooks Owner Unagi 0.26/0.30 mm N° 1 and 1/0. We pescaríamos short to 10, 15 and 20 cm, embodying with Crappie passed from head to tail and making him hang a filet of 1.5 snaggletooth 7 cm long, without the use of a pointer.