Tents in the Majestic Rio Negro

A fishery characterized by sport, high difficulty with fly. We accept the challenge on the River from the South. Image gallery.

At the end of 2012, Gustavo Monteseirín invited me to fish the rio Negro, in General Roca. He said then: “is full of huge tents, but it is impossible to make them fly. We threw them with complete box, we jump on the face and nothing. That you caught them by your payments, you would come to teach us how to do it? “.” So this crazy idea began to grow, adding many involved, and ended in an event organized by the municipality of General Roca.

What to say about the tent, a kind of super sport features to fly. Cultural walls are slowly falling, and this fish considered to be a pest, is taken the sports place that it deserves. A species with the subtlety of a selective trout, which catch fish seen as a bonefish and develops the size and physical power of a pacu. Impossible ask more!

Rio Negro and Limay lower large populations of tents, excellent size, in clear waters and that offer a tremendous struggle for having grown up in currents. The potential is enormous, turning this resource into enjoy many fishermen and economic engine for many tourist services. That the tents are not bitten by could be due to two factors: are actually impossible, or a wrong approach. And as it was expected, the reason was the second. To make the connection should let chip trout, and insert us the carpero chip (completely different). Let fishing structure, to hunt them with eyes seen fish.

First contact

The initial day we went to visit the rio Negro with Gustavo and Salvador Tili Pilafis. The course exploited people by a holiday, and we sail up the River to escape the crowd. The boys took me to deep waters, where while tents were, tackling fly trap was impossible.

We needed low and quiet areas where hunting them with the view and layout inches from the snout. CARP love the corners of calm water, so we chose a dead arm lost in the middle of the field. Engine is very slow, we let the boat 200 metres and entered him walking. There Gustavo had first pique about a copy that moved on patrol, which Brown. He then had another flawed and several followed. I finally got to me, clavé an exemplary small and we broke the curse: the tents of the rio Negro were not impossible! From there we explore several dead arms, where we find huge specimens, char on surface. And fishing in Top-mba-universities, with a 100% carpero chip, Gustavo nailed a tent of mirrors of 7 kilos which gave an impressive war.

Tents of the Limay

The day of the chat, the conditions were very poor: cloudy, cold and winds of 50 km/h. Despite this, Tili nailed a very good specimen fishing blind. Finished the event, we managed to use the third day at Arroyito. By Daniel Valls, Gabriel Distilo guests and their friends bar, could know the lagoons located below the reservoir Arroyito, a true “paradise carp” discovered by Alejandro Beckmann.

The day dawned sunny, no wind, and we started to look at sight in a shallow water channel. On a corner, you will find several huge pieces. I devoted myself to one that, eating on the bottom, leaving a cloud of finely carbonated bubble on surface. He took a reverse dragon No. 10 nymph imitation and gave a dogfight with runs of more than 50 meters. They say that carps generate little lactic acid to fight, and with so much concentration of oxygen, there was no way to put it. After the roast I was lucky to get another similar specimen with an inverted damsel, as he stirred the bottom at 40 cm deep. The fight was again terrible.

Return of Taba

When it seemed that we had them in his pocket, the tents we decried during the next two days, showing how difficult it can be. One day I was in the company of Favio Stork. We found them in good number, but none was feeding and pique was impossible.

The last day, invited by Luis Maldonado (Chief game warden of Río Negro) went to visit an arm near Allen, who used to perform their monitoring. The place was a paradise of crystal waters, where tents from 2 to 7 kilos walked around like in a fish tank. Both from a raft as walk, we throw them hundreds, some twenty or thirty followed the fly to centimeters, but none are deigned to take. They were sunning or crucereando, leaving us completely clear that if carp are not powered, remove with fly is almost impossible.

To turn Gustavo said: “left Me trembling with adrenaline, never I had fun I both without removing a fish”. At the time of closing my friends of rock sent pictures of new carp caught. They are completely crazed with the discovery, and now the posta is theirs. We feel for the coming year, this time to teach them I discovered how much in that forgotten river, having just minutes from his home.