Taruchas in the Reeds

In a fishing vessel free and cases by a paved road, we carry out a true scouting taruchero confirmed that the species shows clear signs of recovery.

Public fishing vessels are often punished by intense fishing pressure. And if the idea is to seek tarariras in a fishing boat from nearby public access for Buenos Aires, that requires only fishing from shore and not have to pay, the task of finding a few good Hoplias is not easy. However, we gave them after a hard trout scouting, fording streams that drain into the Chascomús lagoon, and working areas of planterio on the own side of this popular mirror.

Taking advantage of the lagoon is completely encircled by a paved road and current water level presents good unrest on both sides of this road, entered by the 124 Km of Highway 2 and pass the mirror to the left, heading towards the bridge turned Brook area.

Two excellent fishermen threw the tip of this article such as Jorge López and Jorge Damario. The latter and his son Leo achieved excellent size taruchas
in one of the first warm days of October and immediately invited us to try their luck testing the field thoroughly. After several days of climatic instability, we chose a day with forecast 27 degrees and cloudless sky and quickly win the 120 km that separate this mirror C.A.B.A. along Highway 2. Upon arrival we fit the waders, we set up boxes of senueleras belts and walker bags to transport
lure and started the tour in which we were stopping in different streams of drainage of fields, to go testing in overflow today of the tarariras in this beloved mirror which makes time not spoke of this species.

The team added an unexpected visit from Joaquín Hasaín, guide of Berisso also wanted to catch on to this fun fishing to learn of the recovery of populations of taruchas in chascomusenses waters.

Start attempts behind the Mount of the area of Casa Amarilla, overruns Brook milk which brings to the lagoon water from surrounding fields. He is recognized by a bridge after a sharp bend. Here, first morning, we had some timid attacks to lure in format frog that we walk above the intense aquatic vegetation, but we fail to realize nailed under the resentments were late, and the taruchas missed you the lure.

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