Tarariras: the B Side of Villa Paranacito

Countless rivers and streams that are well populated by the always combative tarariras. Note with video.

Resisting as rush on the banks of the River, the Venice Argentina enriches Entre Ríos delta with its scenic charm able to dress of city to the more natural corner of the province. Exit Portal frequently to the Uruguay River to test with large gold, or navigate it downstream until the Bravo or Gutierrez to seek out the rivers or the sea catfish, Tiger is less widespread its rich fishing of inland streams, those – including between national route 12 and the Villa – offer a real water maze to entice beautiful tarariras.

You calm waters, walled sometimes sprouts, water hyacinths and underwater vegetation, systems lentic Sagastume Grande and Chico, rio Grande, and multiple smaller streams and lakes that fill in times of overflow, give the fisherman
from Hoplias real homeland of the tararira to few kilometers from Buenos Aires and Zárate.

On this occasion we have two special visits, who took a rest – cane in hand – of their competitive sporting disciplines: Corrientes tennis player Leonardo El Yacaré Mayer and Super TC 2000 champion Nestor Bebu Girolami. Both agreed to join us for a tour of two experienced guides of Villa Paranacito such as Claudio Lesik and Sergio Bossalini, who got special permission to access private fields and relieve pristine streams and almost
never fish, perhaps as trahiras fishing a secondary plan to offer good golds of the Uruguay River.

Armed teams of bait’s 6-17 pounds (1 pound: 0.453 kg) and lightweight spinning, with bags walker to transport boxes of lures, visited several high points where we could reach with the car next to the chosen course and go to test the clear
among vegetation. These plugs of plants generated water decanted and clear, commonly called “black water” because its transparency reveals the dark background, where operating surface lure and subsurface was advised by our local friends who had relieved in the previous level making more than 100 copies outside.

So things started with top waters with propellers and strollers, generating attacks immediately. Unlike attempts to lure of latex that sometimes are made in two-stroke leaving the tararira to masque deception before nailing, this fishing
with surface cranks well is action-reaction, so our guests took a bit to take the hand while the guides, on the other hand, showed his wisdom on the subject. But what fun is that, tarucha which is not punctured,
to attack. It is only a matter of pass again the lure and expect that they got the morsels to models such as the Heddon Torpedo, Rapala Skitter Walker or the Viper of marine Sports.

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