Tarariras in El Burro: Large Are Back

After a long hiatus without large Buenos Aires lagoons tarariras, we find quantity and quality in this classic fishing of the Km 135 of Highway 2, which is entirely reached by asphalt. Note with video.

A spring that takes to deliver their heat does not preclude that we can enjoy one of the sportier of the geography of Buenos Aires and a few kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires. Because in laguna del Burro can be quantity and quality from tarariras, in a remarkable start of season as he did years you did not see in Buenos Aires marsh areas.

Because it will be recalled, that nevada on July 9, 2007 almost wrecking the species in classical gaps, and the Highway 2 corridor it was no exception. Why we celebrate that in the 135 Km of this highway, a lagoon, easy access and good services will give a choice of highly qualified fishing, showing that the taruchas are back.

Boats and kayaks
As we said, weather prospects weren’t the best to carry out our survey because the temperature wasn’t the 17 degrees and threatening sky predicted us a downpour which fortunately did not. Diego Brazda, El Burro fishing Club, was about to call to cancel the Conference, but we had everything up with a team two kayak and other partitioned in two boats to maximize the
chances of fishing, and decided to enter same until weather allowed it. It was a success.

We call on Club fishing El Burro camping facilities, checking in the first image that the rains of August left its aftermath: the barbecue remained flooded as well as much of the Park, showing that the volume of water that received the lagoon was very intense. However, the club continues to operate normally, dispatching boats for rent and the coffee-shop safe.

We left in two boats along with Diego, while in kayaks Rocker team, convened by Hernán Fernández, followed bordering us the lagoon right until the first stop: a water inlet promising in an area of low fields called “Lo of the Basque”. Here we distribute in a radius of 50 meters to the photographer shot, put together teams consisting of 2.10 to 2.40 m spinning rods to fish testing a wide range of buoys t, and I also built in particular a team baitcast rod of 1.90 m and 12-25 pounds (1 pound: 0.453 kg) of resistance and profile reel bass with multifilament to try fishing with lures though the day and the temperature of the water desaconsejaran this technique.