Tarariras: Good Start with Soft Lures

During the transition of seasons, the key lies in Rosario. Good sizes, challenging piques and presumption of a great season.

“My tarariras season opening. OK. Close to a big city fishing. OK. Proven lure. OK.” Thus ended up writing in my diary, 17, sat in the
car with my friends Pablo Bofill, Roberto Ayala and Gonzalo Ullua, who collaborated with photography. We were on the shores of the Parana after a magnificent journey that had put to the sound of the aforementioned challenges completed.

The week prior to departure he had received the prototype of a new lure that would appear in October in the Argentine market and wanted to test it. As it is a soft (soft plastics) was ideal to start the season from tarariras, where there are many
stationed in areas of weeds and need this type of artificial that hides the hook so no snagging. At the same time, as they carry a simple, the Dunk is very effective.

But where to begin my new season of this noble and beloved species? Consulting guides and friends commented me that there was plenty of water in the traditional fishing on the South of the Paraná and the Uruguay, so the trahiras are scattered and put into large overruns that it is impossible to access. In addition, they added, the water was still very cold in the first week of September and
Yet this aggressive Hunter was not as active.

The right place
In the Lakes of the province of Buenos Aires also gave these negative factors of wet and cold, although some guides had already removed a few, especially with bait while fished mackerel. For the Lakes of Cordoba, my friends of that province asked me patience by the same causes.

As I trust much the word of professionals who offer me their friendship, when anyone I invites you to a note I know that it makes it so good material we collect to inform each reader beyond what can serve you for your interest
commercial, that well-deserved has it. For this reason I was happy when the first season called me to let me know that you had what I was looking for: Daniel Demaría, an enthusiastic young of Rosario, which caters very well for people and would give me
the taste of fish just a few minutes of boat from one of the largest cities of our country and where Weekend has many friends readers.