Surprised By the Tarariras

We went in search of gold to Uruguay Concepcion, but fishing the beautiful tarariras who approached was a spectacle. Image gallery.

Sport fishing in the River Uruguay has gained renewed vigor in recent years. From the colossal Golden from Concordia to very good Silversides in a wide stretch of its journey, the course attracts thousands of fans. On this occasion, the idea was to try their luck in Uruguay Concepción, where the local guide Gabriel Osuna informed us that about the mother River they were fishing very well browned, making bait casting and trolling on the veriles of the Islands Cambacua and headaches, as well as a good variety and some tarariras that despite the cold were already active.

We leave from the city of Buenos Aires in the company of Ariel Romero. And arriving at the bridge of the complex Zarate-Brazo Largo stopped to greet tone Ciliberti and provide us with bait, such as gut, worms and pasta. Then continue on route 14 until its intersection with la 39: there is access to the conception of the Uruguay, located about 300 km from the Capital. We headed for the Santa Candida Palace, which would be our place of encounter with Gabriel, Tito Martínez (Manager of the establishment), Nahuel Lopardo and Leandro Poggi, with whom we would do the survey.

The Palace was founded by Captain general Justo José de Urquiza and has been declared a national historical Museum. It is located on the banks of the Brook of China, 9 km from the junction of routes 14 and 39. Has furniture of the era, seven rooms, bar, games room, library, living room / dining room, etc. And services of hunting and fishing for the visitors.

The day presented sunny, with regular North wind. We prepare the ground equipment. Rods for bait casting 8 a17 pounds (1 pound: 453,59 grams) and 12/25 or 30 pounds for trolear. We add low profile reels loaded with multifilament 0.20/0.22, using bait and Alfer’s and Ng lure lipless sinking to trolling. With already armed teams we got very comfortable boat piloted by Titus, left by the stream of Chinese heading to the River Uruguay and took it water down towards the place chosen by Gabriel. The idea was to start to fish by bait.