Strong Walleye Catches Before the Closed Season 2013 on the Rhine

The last days before the Pike closed season on the Rhine

Also here in North Rhine-Westphalia, we are forced to ask the Walleye tackle first page. Because since April 1 it says to us in the region, closed season. Unfortunately, because if I look at the current weather and the catches of the last few days, the whole thing would have can take well and like to some weeks. Thank goodness our hobby is very varied and the Next are already planned for the next month on other target fish.

But now the past tours on the Rhine and its ports, which was allowed to get to know Sascha also during his time in Düsseldorf with me and some of my colleagues.

We, that is to say, Basti, Jens, Henning von (Pike rules) and I were on different days during the week and on the weekend and wanted to know again shortly before gates. Large Pike was the target. And it should also reasonably succeed.

Armed with large no-action and action-Shads was several times at the nearby ports in our region. Spot for spot was fished out systematically in maximum 30 minutes. If we got any contacts of active hunting Pike in this time, we went directly. So it came about that exactly during such an active hunting phase, Henning felt the first impact of the right to a spot and a short time later the first and unfortunately last good our site of the common evening in the camera stopped.

Some days later I was a meeting then with Basti and Jens, to connect the successful days. Henning and his colleagues at Pike rules were unfortunately otherwise on Raubfischjagt on the road and had to cancel so. We kept the successful tactics of the previous day and achieved contacts, almost at any spot we drove.

It was interesting that the pike perch again completely have behave differently this evening as two days previously. Our site were OUT, so to speak, and low action Shads alla Kaulis and fin-S brought the most fish. Each of us could catch his perch in the course of the evening and join the homeward journey with a quiet conscience and initiate the biological recovery.

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