Spin Fishing on the Rhine – Strong Pike, Many Perch and a New ASP – And Barbel PB

My first barbel and a new ASP PB

Since my summer vacation is slowly coming to an end, I had to use the last day yesterday once more to drive to the Rhine. When the target fish, I was relatively flexible. So I tried it first on Pike. After a few metres distance, came the first bite directly in the descent phase of rubber fish. But unfortunately I threw sleepy, so again the bite on the same place. After a few turns of the crank, the next bite came during the next break. The fish felt good directly. As I just wanted to land Pike, approximately 75 cm long fish went to the matters worse off. Too bad, but the next is determined, I thought. So it was also, I could then short it still a 60s Esox land.

Since I was already two hours of fishing, I changed the square well and tried my luck on bass. Also the bass were really hungry and so I could 1 hour, arrest to the fish in the 20 to 25 cm. Not great, but at the light Twitchrute that is also fun. On the way back, I again made a throw with a small our site, hoping to find a perch swarm again. When I wanted to revive the bait just out of the water, came a really good ASP and banged on it. Unfortunately, he missed just the bait. The fish swam just comfortable on the surface further, so that I could throw at him again targeted and a then cranked the lure with high speed. Actually showed the ASP is still interested and followed the bait until he grabbed him just before the edge. Drill the 5-15 g sea bass rod for a class I could ultimately land him. The tape showed 73 cm. Wow, even my new PB.

Since it has slowly dawned on, I went around Pike again. As bait, I mounted a 5.8 “owner rubber with which I had made in the dark already good experiences, like for example my 170 cm catfish in Koblenz. The impact in the rod was already after a few casts. Strong opposition from let me hope for a good Pike. But a thicker ASP showed up after a short time on the surface. Incredibly, on a 15 cm long rubber fish.

The sun slowly disappeared behind the facades of the factory. And I thought already quitting, when suddenly a Pike right on the edge of the herb attacked the rubber. He also stayed as the ASP only hooked fear and so I could quickly solve the 75 cm and spared him a picture.
Highly motivated to finally once again to outwit a Pike perch with me on the Rhine, I moved the point again. After 2 km walk I finally arrived at my place, where two other anglers came forward who could do anything. As bait, I remained faithful to the 15 cm model. After the third shot, I got a nice “Tock”. The fish took a few meters cord directly. As I have often had the same situation, was I realize that it could be only a Pike. But I was wrong, even if it was already very dark, I was convinced to maneuver a really thick ASP in the landing net. Overjoyed, I tried to remove the hook, but what is it for a strange mouth? In fact. My very first Barbe had taken the big rubber. The tape showed smooth 75 cm.

After catching I finished the day with a few litters, where I could see even a large shooting star. What a day.

Greetings Nico