Small mouth Bass Event in Morocco

“Black bass no. kill” event in Morocco

From the 14th 16th, the growing fishing scene of Morocco held their first international fishing competition called “Black Bass No Kill”. An event by State authority organized, which was created for Morocco’s waterways and forests to heave the Fishing tourism in Morocco to a new level. The “black bass no. kill event” takes place Lake and Taghazout, the Moulay Abdellah over 3 days at two locations. The event brings together the international scene of fishing and the tourism industry. The program will round of product demonstrations, photo exhibitions, art exhibitions, discussions around the “No Kill” topped off.

In the recent past there were a whole series of local events in Morocco to promote “Catch and Release”, what is communicated as a “No Kill” These events were used as shedding stubborn kidney, where the best 20 anglers could qualify to at the renowned “Black bass no. kill” to fish event. The event is complemented by 10 Moroccan invited guests and 10 international visitors (including Soren and Marko DAF).

The event is organized in collaboration with the COP22, the international climate conference in Marrakesh in November 2016. The event highlights new laws that will create jobs and stimulate the economy through sustainable tourism initiatives. The fishing should be the driving force for the growth of the economy in rural areas. Other sports such as mountain biking, hiking, canyoning and other outdoor sports are coming soon.

A large part of this event will be to educate the locals about the international fishing scene. “The Village Pisicole”, located in the vicinity of Taghazout (the famous surfing destination in the in Agadir), will be open to the public. Pictures from the national photo competition, as well as the latest fishing techniques with high-quality tackle of manufacturer’s Sakura will be shown which is an integral part of the Moroccan scene since 2013.

Event continues to enhance the “black bass no. kill” there will be an art show by the “Louvine collective”. The artist Peter Perch (Netherlands) and Rasmus Tikkanen (Finland) show their skills in Europe and now in Morocco. Tikkanen: “a picture can say more than thousand words, artists such as we, are not as photographers limited. We can create what we want and a strong image with a strong statement can go far in the hearts and minds of the people.”

The “black bass no. kill” will produce many beautiful pictures and fascinating videos from this cultural Wonderland event and show the diversity of Morocco. That many big fish there, which certainly also, waiting to be explored.