Silverside: the Season Is Coming

Weekend anticipates as it will come this new season of silverside, following heavy rains that arrived in the province of Buenos Aires. Image gallery.

Despite being in the month of February and temperatures above 25 degrees, Luis Linch told me that is fished mackerel both on-board day and night at the municipal pier. Ports were good, almost all measure, and captured them with different techniques.

The Chascomús Lagoon is part of the system Encadenadas next Vitel, Adela, donkey, Chis Chis, splints and Barrancas, being the largest area: about 3,100 hectares, with 15 km long by 5 km wide. Its average depth varies depending on the rains; currently it has around 2.20 meters. His background is loam, clay, sand, and parts of tosca. Its coasts are mostly gullied, with reedbeds which protected them. All mirror points are easily accessible, since a paved surrounds it on its perimeter.

The lagoon is located to the West of the town centre. It is important tourist level and on their shores they erected complexes that host who like fishing, camping and outdoor activities. In recent years has increased the appeal of fishing because of the constant support of fish culture station with sowing fingerlings of Silversides and the permanent care of the area by people of Chascomús patrolling its coasts, trying to prevent the use of nets, trammel nets and unattended that prey on the fish fauna.

Ready team

We had chosen a day with moderate wind: would blow from the North /nordeste at a speed of between 15 and 20 km per hour. In the Racing Club de Chascomús we find Luis, provider of very good bait in the area; Ramiro, fishing guide local that knows very well the characteristics of the lagoon, and Leonardo, experienced fisherman.

Boats got off the ramp of the club. Then load already armed fishing gear: rods telescopic or plug-in sections between 4.20 and 4 m long, guys front reels loaded with nylon 0.26 floating, common with flotalineas or multifilament 0.14/0.16 floating and not stretched, which produces a riveted most direct move cane upward way to collect a silverside.

Lagoon was ruffled by the wind, well-oxygenated waters. Over the last year, today Chascomús has 1 m more than water due to the rains of spring,

We set up two pairs. Luis would share your boat with Leonardo, and I with Ramiro. The idea was to garetear it, so we left the fisheries facing the wind.

In this time of the year fans pull the fishing day very early, barely dawn. And they return around 10 am, period in which one is cooler and the best results occur since the waters are colder.

In this case, the water temperature was high: around 25 degrees. Arriving at the venue, Ramiro fell your engine and let the boat slipped quietly. After prepared inverted anchor that we would serve as ballast for hell, hanging it from the center of the Board. Then deploy the rods to place lines. Ramiro used a very light buoys lime green with a marker stick, which had great faith.

I placed a few criteria N ° 8 white uneven stick with glitter, separated 1,40 m, armed on a mother of nylon 0.35 mm, with guys revolving rotors between pearls. In front of these two strong slip knots will make it so that, when nailing, the weight of the fish do not run them. Behind the rotor, also between pearls, another noose. And one more behind the buoy, but not so snug so that it allows us to move it. Thus it gives game to the buoy to make it cheat about 20 to 30 cm, which gives very good results when the fish eats poorly, since he takes the bait and moves without noticing the resistance of the buoy. And when Mark pique, practically already eaten.

Ramiro registered snoods of between 30 and 60 cm, and I between 15 and 30 cm looking for fishing options. All the hooks were baited with medium-sized Crappie to gain it, presented from tail to head on a hook Sode 13 or N ° 3 of 1687 series or 277 mustad, always leaving the Lancet free.

To move the line

We throw the lines against wind. Starting the hell with pick up from the open reel, it is giving nylon so the line moves away from the boat and do it properly aligned with the Mr. Not more than 2 meters had retired when the buoy of the medium is desacomodó you. It gave him nylon to make, closed the pickup and nailed with a strong canazo. It was a juvenile who returned to their habitat.

In the area of fishing had lots of bubbling. As the boat moved by the wind (hell), fishing is intensified. We had to move him line to take the bait. The movement attracted silverside, which chipped away at snoods shorter, with specimens arriving than 30 cm. Longer snoods they chipped away at dentudos, which we use to make fillets.

Each one we took two, which after Butterflied them we rebajábamos them taking excessive meat, to give you one no more than 3 mm. thick We discard the top (black leather) and use only the silver, cutting it into 1 × 4 cm lengths. It passes them by the hook of flesh to skin, alone or combined under the embodies of Crappie. The filet flames and is very effective if it is cool.

Farewell piques

In the other boat, the situation was similar, with silverside of various sizes. Remember that the minimum size is 25 cm and more than 25 copies can not be slaughtered by cane.

We change our place looking for other possibilities. We taste closer to the coast, with less depth. The wind was from the Northeast, so the water was well oxygenated. I changed the buoys by other Fuchsia. Glow already didn’t let me see clearly to white when they moved away. I slightly varié snoods depth, by placing baits at 10, 15 and 20 cm. When moving the line looked to water flower but just attacked them.

The sprints with rapid displacement of buoys were guys silverside or just measure. When they played with the bait and was the movement of the tail flush with water, in general they gave all the measure.

The fishing was already made by Searchforpublicschools, so we decided to undertake the return. Balance: If we fish with temperatures above 30 degrees, with the first cold Chascomús sure to become a favorite.


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