Silverside in Punta Lara

The headquarters of the University Club of Punta Lara, a few kilometres from La Plata, was the scene of an interesting tournament, after 15 years without competition.

Some say that more than fifteen years ago that a tournament of pejerrey was not carried forward in La Plata and they are right. So the members of the team To all fishing, a radio program of the capital Buenos Aires, is put into the task of organizing a day of fishing, and showed to match. More than 250 Rod took a clean sweep 700 meters of the University Club of Punta Lara Pier, formerly the Jockey Club. The slogan of this competition, which was carried out last Sunday, August 2, was to capture the silverside of greater length, with a series of original rules, as that required participants to use the same buoys and lines, provided by the organizers. It was so that the quota was established in 250 participants, number is reached without problems.

The organizers put lines with three buoys of different colours, provided by the double T signature, and a single line with a branch line. On the other hand, they also supplied the bait, in this case Crappie fishermen. This fairly regulated fishing, with good acceptance among those present, who queued early to occupy the best places in the spring.

Only 14 pieces came out during the four hours that lasted the competition, at various points in the spring, especially during the first hours of the tournament, which began at 9. Even though the fishing was not that expected, probably due to heavy rains and winds that punished the region shortly before the tournament, participants lived one
intense day of family fishing, with a day that went from being completely cloudy and cold in the early hours of the morning, to unwind at times and raise the temperature, at least for the pejerrey fishing too. Attempts are hindered around noon, due to a sudden and unexpected drop of the Río de la Plata, which affected those who opted for the first metres of the wharf, near an important juncal. These fishermen had to move to the top, where they could continue to participate without problems.

The podium

First place was in the hands of Lucio Bouvet, who captured a silverside of 32 cm just began the tournament, using a cane of 4 meters with a front loaded with multifilament reel. According to his testimony, pique was pleasant, although nerves it usual precautions. This capture won a kayaking, in addition to a funding
and pipe, together with a trophy and a present of Weekend magazine.