Signs of Life by Eric – from Gray ling, Perch, Pike, ASP and Pikeperch

I’m still alive!

Hello dear readers, I delivered a while yes more no new blog entry and was also to hear from me about DAF. But you may hardly believe it; I’m still alive! I was looking forward to my previous entries me about every like, every reader and all feedback and hope that I now find more time after graduating over survivor, offer you some entertainment in the form of reading!

Since I’m through with the written examinations, I have more time to fish. Finally, theoretically at least. Practically my something new day/night rhythm amazing planned early getting up me quite often, so I’m going to Miss then usually the best time of the day. But sleep is also a luxury that I would like to treat me!

Since my last report of the fish on December 24 I started the one or the other fish of course. The first perch, ASP, and Pike gabs before the closed season, but nothing really presentable was there. Meanwhile joined a few cheeky walleye Frits, they are shameless way stopped in the midday sun to the surface of the water and I could arrest the one or the other of Aland. Therefore, I am so far really happy with the year so far. A few curious catches, such as the aforementioned Sonnenzetties, Aland ASP hybrids and mood to a good fishing year is different as well as the good bass frequency 2013. There will not be a report on every fishing trip, because that were simply too many lately and it tailors Yes sometimes, but so far I’d like a few impressions from fishing but deliver!

But there were a lot of small things that have prepared me for fun. Rare trips were alone on the water, but above all fishing with friends. At this point would be interested now even particularly, what could outsmart my readers so far. Writes just the comments, what this year so they came up with you! Is it a good year? Or it looks like a bitch season? Let’s listen what, or read! I’m on it!

I am so far very satisfied for my part! There were some nice perch for me, our site and ASP have played well so far, and soon, my next “real” blog entry about the successful opening of the season awaits you on the 1st of May.

Until then I wish you tight lines and continue to enjoy the reading!