San Cayetano: Coast and Embarked

The Spa only 5 hours of Buenos aires is one of the jewels of the costa. Techniques and secrets.

U na new summer season begins and the Balneario San Cayetano offers the possibility of living a different summer. Only 5 hours from the city of Buenos Aires, it proposes an extensive beach with strings of dunes that guard a sea of crystal clear waters and a thriving tourist village protected by lush pine forests, where the visitor can enjoy an amazing tranquility.

Year after year the Balneario San Cayetano welcomes tourists with new features, as the new first aid room addition to the brand-new Office of tourism and security built with the contribution of the Ministry of tourism and the Ministry of security of the province and municipal funds. An effort that joins the private strength, with a commercial activity that never stops growing.


San Cayetano every year surprises us for good, combining all previously described a very varied and up to selective fishing where it is possible to give all the species that one is going to search.

Days after the start of the summer holidays and which means the influx of the public in different destinations on the Atlantic coast, this time we seek to the beginning of the season a quiet, without much pressure from fishing but want to have it, because there are many fans who are unaware of the benefits of this fishing , I can assure you there are many and very good. Always before going to that area communicate with Carlos the Calabrian Di Loreto, our reference in San Cayetano, to ask him how come fishing and, mainly, how expected weather for the days that we had to comply with the survey. Previous sessions had been very windy and with an extremely strong storm that hit much of the place, little encouraging precedent for coast fishing.

All in favor

He had to leave the sea will accommodate a bit and return to load. Luckily, the first day of our stay was in full sun and winds of the southern quadrant waving a little water, but on the second day the sea looked like a pool, almost or breakers had on the beach.

The Bank of San Cayetano has a stretch of almost 35 km of spotless sand, very wide beaches, clean sand dunes and others with some vegetation, bare shores and others with outcrops of rocks, sunken ships and deep gutters around and half distance of the shore. In short, we have all the condiments to achieve excellent fishing and most diverse species.

Recommended for use in this type of fishing are: rods of 3.50 to 4,20 m, both for front reels rotating loaded with nylon monofilament from 0.23 to 0.31 mm. Much finer is the nylon that we host at the reel, greater distance will accomplish at the launch but will have more chances to cut.