Rio Salado: Bank of Constant Rivalries

Even on a very hot day, the Salado River gave us a day of many catches of mackerel, with interesting ports.

To the field of Cachi Arroupe is accessed by the motorway 2, Km 162,5 coming from Mar del Plata with destination to the city of Buenos Aires. It bends to the right and after about 5 kilometers of rural road becomes the Salado River. The last gate must be paid a small fee (pay only fishermen, the companions enter free). The place is very suitable for fishing on coast and in addition to mackerel, mullet, carp, catfish, paties, “dientudos”, are caught tarariras and, with a little luck, some other sea bass.

With Cachi Arroupe and Jorge López we devote to fishing for Silversides, as we commented was very good. We arrived at the place a Wednesday very early. The day had forecast of high temperature (something negative when you try to with silverside), but the positive thing was that there was enough wind and waters of the Salado were moved, fundamental that this species is active and take the bait. The scope is ideal for fishing for costa because it is elevated with respect to the River, condition conducive when tested with buoys afloat: allows us to have a very good view of them and use the smaller diameters.

We would go hiking fishing with telescopic rods of graphite, a long no more than 4 meters, very light and fit to throw lines of three buoys (with the addition of a pointer if we want to launch further rig). The reel will be small, with a capacity of 100 m of 0,285 mm nylon (impregnated fleet line) or 0.16 mm multifilament (fleet itself only). When we started to fish the wind was strong from the back, so we decided to use gear of three buoys and without pointer, since the line flies easily and falls away from the coast. It is proven that rig without pointer work more naturally, obtaining a greater amount of piques.

Buoys and colors
In my case I – I criteria, wood used a line raft, lemon fluo colour and with a diameter of 0.25 mm: much buoyancy and a perfect view, already that the day was cloudy. My companions opted for white pacifier type small buoys. We use hooks glass No. 2 short leg, to a depth of pique that ranged between 20 and 35 cm. One detail that caught our attention was at times had more pique yellow buoys, although after midday took Palms white. I saw the silverside in surface play with buoys. We should be very attentive and when our online rush the sprints, you had to change and look at that moment brought more and better. When it is testing near surface, buoys color is essential, since there are lapses where silverside curious given tone.

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