Rio de la Plata: poke the see

After touring several possible fishing boats from Playa Honda, and with unfavorable prognosis, we found silverside of 55 cm.

The comments regarding fishing for Silversides in our wide and generous Río de la Plata were not very encouraging among those who week after week embarked km and km River in search of the best sectors. However, always the silverside angler seeks in its waters the possibility of giving with the big trophy of the species. And on many occasions the great estuary has given us both quality and quantity Silversides, exemplary ranging from 1 to 2 pounds of weight.

Little encouraging prognosis
The climate is one of the factors that is not helping. At the time of the survey, even water is maintained at a temperature higher than 15 degrees, and usually the best catches occur when it is below the 12. In recent times has not felt the winter cold in this region, except for a couple of days to immediately return to raise the temperature, both the environment and the waters of the River Lion color.

Despite all of these factors against, were several fishermen friends that we coordinate an output to see how we was fishing, always relying on the pleasant possibility of giving with the schools that run through the central part of the river. It is the sector commonly referred to as Playa Honda, where converge different geographical possibilities (banks, sunken ships, some few pools) and an average depth of 3 m, extend over several funds of limestone that make the area an excellent fishing for the season.

Always take the outputs to the River with much respect, because at all times is going corrected things in the navigation that many times are not specified in the charts that use GPS, but in the retina and experience which
years sailed these waters, when the only references were Sun, the buildings of Buenos Aires, the Uruguayan coast and lost shadows of groves of Punta Morán, without forgetting the mast which you could see very far marking to the sunken ship Supreme Entrerriano. Other large supports presenting the cyber world today is to be able to check the weather and wind forecasts: Although several times you make mistake, allow us to choose where we must navigate not to hit us both along the way.

Fishing gear do not vary from those who use previous seasons. Take long rods of 4 to 4.50 m, which can be for reels front armed with a leg sleeve almost always placed in the joints of the sections and some floating in the pointer section. Or for Rotary, which tend to carry more of bushings to the front as required by the action of the rod. In front rods we use
the sleeve downward and in the Rotary will do it up, so that is used more than.