Reels of Friction Rear or Front:What’s Best?

The reels are used for pulling the fishing line. There are traditionally two types of reel, classified as to your friction: the friction of the front and the rear friction. Learn more about how they work and choose the best for fishing you like to practice.

What is friction

The friction of a reel is the pressure that it exerts on the fishing line for the Slingshot. The proper friction allows good release of the fishing line. If the fishing line is released smoothly, reduce the chances of loss of fish because of the rupture of line, hooks or wounds on the fish’s mouth. It is therefore important to choose reels that have good capacity of friction, reducing the friction between the parts.

Front friction: main features

Some of the main features of a spinning reel front friction are:

  • Adjustment on top of the reel;
  • Bigger, wider disks;
  • Greater durability;
  • Greater pressure on the line and the spool;
  • Better performance;
  • Less accessibility.

Rear friction: main features

The main features of a reel rear friction are:

  • Adjustment under the chassis;
  • Less broad disks;
  • Greater possibilities for wear;
  • Lower performance;
  • Greater accessibility.

Basic differences between the two types of reels

In General, the reel front friction has increased efficiency and durability that the friction rear reels. The advantage of friction back is the accessibility, as it allows quick, practical setting, contributing to greater convenience.

The experience, however, show the relative superiority of friction spinning reel front. Front friction is more advisable to avoid leaps and get smoother release of fishing line for the Slingshot. Everything will depend on the fisherman’s experience in dealing with each type of reel.

How to adjust the friction of the reels

Regardless of being a reel front or rear friction, the friction is well set to achieve greater efficiency. The ideal is that friction is regulated in approximately .25 line resistance. For this, mount the fishing rod with reel, hold the tip of the line to a spring balance and apply pressure on it. Check, so that the reel weight starts to drop the fishing line. Adjust the friction until the reel starts to drop the line .25 her resistance. And you can get more from

Evaluate other important points in reels

Either way, the opinions vary. For certain fishermen, rear and front fiction fiction may show similar results. To your familiarity with the friction can influence results during fishing. The important thing is to evaluate the cost benefit and convenience to choose the best friction. It’s good to always have more than one reel, switch between them and draw your own conclusions!

Comment below, state the type of fishing rod do you use and what you think best: the front or rear friction? Share with other readers your opinions!

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