Querandi Lighthouse: Always Yields

The classic Buenos Aires fishing continues to provide excellent results and catches of large ports from the coast.

Every year in late November or early December, with a group of friends prepare an output with kayaks to the area of the beaches south of Querandí lighthouse. We camped at the coast and provisions is limited to the basics, since the premise is “you eat what you are fishing”. Despite some encouraging prognosis in terms of wind,
We also carry the kayaks in the van and set off. The good news is that fishing for costa in this place is guarantee of attractive shots in terms of variety and amount, if we had a proper climate window.

Looking for the right place

Entering the village of Mar Azul, we toured the 13 km to el Querandi. From the lighthouse and taking it as a reference, retraced our steps along 15 km further with special attention to the formation of gutters off the coast. As soon as we detect the classic surf break and the formation of a passage, stopped the vehicle and proceeded to assemble rods. The wind at that time was blowing about 35 km from the Southeast, which kayaks should expect tied still, since the surface was very messy and the
breakers who were waiting offshore for us were unbridgeable.

Coast teams consisted of rods of 3.50 to 4,20 m, powerful, suitable to launch up to 200 g. The frontal reels we used were from classic to ultramodern. The burden of nylon to facilitate the releases not exceeded the 0.40 mm. Reels that had two reels, alternating one loaded with 0.40 and another with 0.30 to win distance if necessary.

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