Perch Fishing in the Black Forest with Our Site Babiarz By Hybrida

Nico to guest on the Our site

Quite spontaneously, like many of my fishing trips this holiday, it went yesterday for me on the Our site. A few years ago was already a time there, because he was again known by catches of large perch, pikeperch and Pike. But on this trip, I realized that this Lake probably is one of the hardest to beangelnen waters, that I know so far. I remained unexpectedly on this day of Schneider, which would have been not especially tragic, but the other about 20 boats were funny that day also no single fish face. For this reason, the Lake in my eyes long time was uninteresting, although it is quite easy to reach for me from the black forest.

After the common trout fishing, I was invited by Our site Babiarz times to fish a day with him on the Our site. Because he had good catches in the last few weeks, I was quite optimistic at last to conjure something out of the Lake and went to him on the way. After over two hours ride over the hills of the Black Forest, I arrived in the small village, in the vicinity of the Out site with Our site. After a coffee, I got a short tour in his hybrida bait forge and of course made him with many questions. Long, I’m a fan of the quality of this lure, and just this year the small models to the trout stream are the providers really. Then, it was at about 4: 00 in the water of the Our site. Quickly the boat into the water, fishing gear in the boat and off we went.

On the way to the first set, a stop was lodged shortly so I could buy my day’s license shortly, right on the water. Then, it finally went off. Already at the first place, small alcoves, fleeing perch, the surface of the water broke through. When we were ready to go fishing, the spectacle was over. In the countless litters with stick baits, Popper and Twitchbaits came not only fish contact. So on to the next place. There, small perch as a back-up showed already at the first pitch. Later, the first perch on the Hybrida K4 in the trout design then went a few litters. However, the perch directly in front of the wall of the boat emerged. In class weather, around 28 degrees, the fish did right in the shorts and barefoot fun and was very entertaining. Then came a fish again. After the first time, I felt that it had to be a better. After a short resistance at Valley Hill twitch & long Bill came the bass then for a short photo ashore.

In the next few hours, there were a few smaller fish again. But Our site had hopes for more, because he was able to land fish in recent weeks to 46 cm. I was still very happy and also the great atmosphere at the water let me enjoy this trip.

So we dragged our bait after a long lull of biting in a wide circle around the Lake. However no Pike had more on the 20 cm B3 lure to persuade. When everything was put back together, the boat on the trailer, and we arrived at Our site, we drank a cup of coffee still cozy and exchanged experiences on the water. Last was then still the trip home, which also posed no problem. Thanks again to Out site for the cool day on the water.

Greetings Nico

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