Now Available: Novasol-Fishing Catalog 2016

The new NOVASOL fishing catalog 2016 is now available. For your next vacation, her can book the next fishing holiday on 1,500 selected fishing houses in seven European countries.

There are many arguments for the fishing. Because it is a lifestyle, because a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work, because you can barbecue, are just three of 111 reasons, collected by the author Moritz Rott *. NOVASOL now provides thousands of other motives: NOVASOL fishing catalogue published fresh 2016 the holiday house party presents more than 1,500 holiday homes especially for anglers.

They are picturesque rivers, idyllic lakes, majestic fjords, or directly on the sea in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary. They also feature an angler friendly facilities such as, for example, filleting table and a boat is often adequate freezer facilities, included or can be hired on the spot, and a place to dry the clothes there as well. Passionate anglers also beginners and enthusiastic fishing families find their argument for a holiday with rod and net.

Are still wishes open? The entire range of fishing houses and flats on the Internet at Our site presents NOVASOL. The program – with this selection includes about 2,800 homes NOVASOL is one of Europe leading providers of holiday homes especially for anglers. To book the accommodation directly on the Internet are, by phone or at a travel agency.

You order now for free the NOVASOL fishing catalog 2016. the photo click on and in over 1500 selected fishing holiday homes find the right destination.

However, NOVASOL not only catalog fishing 2016 shows how to link fishing holiday with comfort. The fishing professionals of the holiday house party also gathered the most important information about the trend. So is that where you go fish on the hook, finds out which licenses are required, which periods apply, and much more. A valuable vacation planning help for anglers is supplemented with numerous tips and insider knowledge, with the catalog before – and for all those who want to become.