Merino Wilman Spoke To Radio Rivadavia

Our fishing specialist spoke with the station during Holy week. He advised listeners on the best sites in pique at this time. Note with audio.

The weekend long past, the Weekend Merino Wilman fishing expert spoke with Radio Rivadavia journalists about the best places to enjoy the pique in the province of Buenos Aires during those days of rest.

A new weekend long, we renew their advice:

-Chis Chis lagoons, El Burro, and Adela, like all the chained 2 route connecting with the Salt River, are excellent options for fishing medium silverside or higher. Even the own Salado offers circuit circulation of fish – although most small-with many proposals for route, “for fishing, along with the car,” said Merino. The destination bridges, Cascades and Don Eduardo are some of the alternatives.

-Another option is to go with guides from Magdalena, Berisso, Quilmes, the northern port of Buenos Aires, San Isidro, San Fernando or Tiger.

-Also you can go to route 3. Merino advised lagunas de Monte y Las Perdices,”especially the latter, which is giving many fishes”. Traveling from the city of Buenos Aires to that area is relatively simple, since it is only 115 km and currently you can go for a two-lane highway by hand, which speeds up the transfer.

-In the city of Buenos Aires, the Parque de los Niños is another good alternative.

“The Silverside is entering very good amount. Venture a very good season in the Rio de la Plata, from Magdalena to routes departing from Tiger. All the estuary is giving a very good amount and, above all, quality of parts”, ended Merino.