Matrinxã in 4 Times

Native to the amazon basin, the matrinxã (Brycon spp.) it is easily found in fish from all regions of brazil. Known for his athleticism, and the beautiful heels, in these places, it reaches up to three pounds.

Matrinxã in 4 Times 1

Fish food and feeding habit omnivore, it eats insects, earthworms, small fish (whole, in pieces or fillets), strips of liver, heart, beef or chicken, sausage, seeds, dried grapes, cheese plate or mozzarella, pasta, and many other baits.

The speed of matrinxã is impressive. On some occasions, one has the feeling that the fish follows the bait in the air, so immediate is the attack as soon as it touches the water. The following tips will help in the assembly of sets for the four methods of fishing this star of our fishing grounds.

Matrinxã in 4 Times 2

  1. Telescopic rod:can be from 3.6 to 5.4 metres, with a line of monofilament color 0.25 to 0.35 mm up to the spinner, and after a 20 cm line fluorocarbon equivalent thickness. The hooks can be of the model Maruseigo, number 10 to 17, with small weights are round or of the type oil before the spinner.
  2. Pitch with natural baits: the sticks can be up to 1.8 m (or about 6 feet) and medium action, and are therefore suitable for lines of up to 12 pounds, which can be mono or multifilament. The lighter the reel or windlass is used, the better. Fishing can be done in the background, with the aid of a small sinker (up to 20 grams), spinner and the same harness used with the telescopic pole; or on the surface, in this case, a small float to assist, those used for tetra, will help you to adjust the depth of the bait and to indicate the attacks.
  3. Pitch with artificial: the equipment can be the same as that used with the natural binding line with a leader of fluorocarbon with a thickness of 0.30 mm, the length of the rod, at least. The baits should be small, up to nine inches. Sticks, plugs rounded half-water and spinners can not miss in the box.
  4. Fly: it is recommended the equipment number 6, with floating lines for lures such as poppers, dry flies and imitations of food, which work on the surface. For streamers and beads that sink, lines of type sinking tip. The leader may be composed of three sections of line transparent monofilament: 60% of 0.50 mm 20% 0.40 mm 20% 0.30 mm.

Matrinxã in 4 Times 3

More tips
– The use of encastoado steel ensures the integrity of the leader, but will result in a smaller number of shares. It can be eliminated as you learn to hook the fish quickly, at the right time.
– Do not use pliers type “grip”, the jaw of the matrinxã is very sensitive and is easily broken. Release the fish as quickly as possible, it survives a short time outside of the water.
– Despite having small teeth, take care when handling the matrinxã, since their bite can hurt.