Masterful Role: Fishing Feeder Master 9600 by Balzer

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Michael Zammataro is a master of the feeder fishing. Now, he has developed the feeder master 9600 in collaboration with Balzer. This role was thought of everything, what makes life feeder anglers…

The role has a huge spool hub and a high line retrieval. The wide spool hub ensures the flawless line lay, the high line retrieval, by one meter per crank revolution speeds up obtaining.

Large coils allow further litters!

Each to get to the same width, feeder fishing clamp the cord in the rolling clip. So it is not damaged, the cord clip with rubber is buffered. In addition, there are no sharp edges.

Because when the feeders, often relatively thin Tippets are used, the brake must run to easily and smoothly so that the leader does not tear. The front brake of the feeder master works precisely over three extra large brake discs, which are separated by felt discs. On the disc, a rubber seal ensures that no water and dirt between the brake discs and corrode it.

Fishing with heavy baskets of food, huge forces acting on the axis of the role. Therefore an extra strong shaft made of stainless steel was elected master of the feeder, that can withstand these strains.

The handle knob is oversized like everything on the feeder master. He lies well in the hand and is extremely handy. Thus, to keep him in cold and wet always at your fingertips.

The large handle knob rotates in the correct position.

Feeder master 9600 Balzer at a glance

• 8 ball bearings

made of stainless steel
+ 1 needle bearing
(extra large)
• Translation: 4.5: 1
• 2 wide throw coils
made of aluminium
• Weight 680 g
• Price: 140 euro