Mar Chiquita Arenales: Arrow Keys That Do Not Fail

Just 20 kilometres of Junin and with input by the towns of Gral. Arenales and Agustina, this yields mirror stung on punta offering pejes of good quality in a very crowded due to its strategic location lagoon. The keys to optimize yields. Note with video.

There are areas that stand out for the quality of his see, but its far from major cities distances tend to be very contrary to the fisherman who must
planning a long trip very well, or ask shifts in advance if it is exclusive environments or limited. Others, such as the laguna Mar Chiquita de General Arenales, conspicuous by its even yields and a location that stands out it in an area of few mirrors that give mackerel in abundance, as hereinafter. From there than our first impression when visiting it is surprised to see a large legion of fans from the South of Santa Fe, parchment, Córdoba, Capital Federal and Junín, being there have close at hand the Laguna de Gómez. “It is that here the fish is more uneven and pique is constant,” summed up an amateur while we did the aprontes for shipment.

Indeed, the news of the abundance of mackerel in Mar Chiquita ran like wildfire and even with much heat in the air and water, fans who live within a 300 km radius chose her as a target because they know that they will not return disappointed. And speaking of cold and heat, it is well cier to and know that the Silverside is a fresh water fish, not cold at all. So the beginning of autumn tends to be very productive to give the first arrows in the Buenos Aires lagoons. With the icy initials, water from these areas down a few degrees but still retains the heat accumulated during the warmer months. And is already seated cold, fish pejes to work at Fisher, looking for them well down in the morning and higher in the afternoon. Mar Chiquita is no exception to this logic, but we understand that the key that has been giving so much fish since the summer, has to do with its interesting volume of water, the body of this mirror is today (grown) in the 10 thousand hectares (8 thousand of bucket but 19 thousand taking the entire basin that is made a small sea) receiving input from the Picasa and the basin of the Salado through the lagoon of Teodelina, draining turn toward Gomez, by means of a flow controlled by an embankment and sluice gates. Meanwhile, its average depth of 2.50 m also provides many possibilities for change in the height where it feeds, mainly abundant plankton of the mirror the peje.

After meeting your guide Omar, one of the owners of the spicy the company together with its partner Paulo (both also operate in Junín), climbed to its comfortable trucker with our partner Roberto Gil and Ricardo Paulucci, Fisherman of Wheelwright, Santa Fe, who frequents this mirror. During slow browsing, while we remolcábamos another of the spicy boats to the area of Mount Adela where we were going to start the first hell, we were soaking pictures full of life: we saw otters abundant coasts creating a real network of tunnels in the barranquitas, tents in lowlands and creeks taileando and hocicando unbridled way and a multitude of aquatic birds who choose this wetland paradise.

Note published in the Weekend 511, April 2015. To subscribe to the magazine and receive it free of charge at your home address, click here.