Learn to Choose the Best Equipment for Deep Sea Fisheries

The deep sea fishing is one of the arrangements for sport fishing that more attracts practitioners in Brazil. The broad brazilian coast and the great variety of suitable places to practice the sport very development that stimulate hobby in the country.

For the practice of deep sea fishing specific equipment, are needed to help the fisherman to reach your goal, netting the fish search type or types available in region of activity. Thus we made a selection of interesting equipment for those who are interested in starting or evolve in deep sea fishing, even though each region of practice has its own specific characteristics – such as depth and specific types of fish, which eventually can change the guidelines. Check out below!

Fishing rods

For long pitches, very usual fisheries on the high seas it is interesting to have a fishing rod around two meters in length, which allows a certain ease in the gathering of the lines. In this case, rows of maximum strength of 20 lb (9 kg) or 30 lb (14 kg) are already sufficient, when we talk about standard equipment and with relatively little depth. If the idea is to go a little deeper, to catch larger fish, it’s good to have fishing rods a little more robust, with up to 80lb (36 kg) of resistance, and a little shorter, up to 1, 60 m, so that the flexibility of the equipment does not spoil in the strike. And you can get more from fredericashops.com.

When it comes to trolling fishing rods around 1, 70 m help to achieve good results, it’s always good to think that fish is good that day and take the correct line to hook with safety. But what if you want to go deeper? To get bigger fish in greater depth, the equipment must be even more prepared. In this case it is good to look for ocean fishing equipment and have 50 lb capacity until 130lb, and prepared for that line.

The fishing rods and fishing lines must be compatible with each other, as if the lines support more weight than the rods, the equipment might break. So meet the common fish in the fishery and get ready with compatible equipment. Also not good you have very strong equipment for small fish, as this may scare them, so your target’s assessment it is important.

Reels or spinning reels

The reels take advantage of fisheries on the high seas, especially for beginners, in function of the wigs generated by reels, and because they allow longer casts. It is important to understand that the reel and reel, as well as the line and stick, are interdependent, so the larger the rod and the line, the more ability the reel and reel must have – both according to the capacities to collect, to withstand the weight supported by the line. 2000 to 4000 sizes are the most suitable for a medium equipment with capacities between 20 and 30 lb. busiest Animals require reels between 6000 and 10000, as well as a greater depth.

The size of the lines should follow the logic of the depth and the capacity that the fish have to extricate her. So the bigger the target, the greater the size off the line, which usually requires reels for each line size. At one stage, for great fish and great depths, we can think of reels capable for 1,000 meters of line and ability that supports drag her so much as the fish in question.

Fishing lines

Fishing lines for high seas are those with capacities between 20 lb to 40 lb, multifilament, between 0, 50 mm to 60 mm medium lines range from 30 lb to 80lb, 0, 60 mm multifilament, the 1 mm up to 10 m in length.

To increase the depth is necessary to increase the capacity, but not the diameter of the line, as if to expand much the diameter the line can become heavy and away fish. You can use steel lines eventually, when this is the case of great depth and voracious fish or strong lines to 500lb, always thinking in the capacity of fishing rod.

Natural or artificial baits

Although it is very productive to use natural bait fisheries on the high seas, artificial lures it also has its advantages depending on your wide variety. For a medium equipment, artificial lures of 10 and 15 cm are extremely useful but, depending on the fish, other contrivances as skirts or artificial squid to attract attention.

Especially at great depths, it is also necessary the use of weights, to help artificial bait down and attract the fish. Research on the fish of your region and put into practice the right technique to hook him.

To take advantage of a deep sea fishing safely enjoy and take a look also at safety equipment available to fishermen.

What equipment do you usually take for fisheries on the high seas? Do you like our list? Tell us!

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