Large Silversides in Chasico

The happy return of a lagoon that has always characterized by its very good fishing.

After several seasons with ups and downs, we decided that it was time to return to the Chasico lagoon. Invited by Cristian Giménez, owner of the watercolors of the Lake cabins, there we went with the logical desire to return one of the more traditional fishing boats of the silverside.

Lagoon lost some thousands of hectares of surface, but its beauty, surrounded by sand dunes, beaches, low coasts, Islands and the nursery, showing its volume remains unchanged from dry trees and leaves see very marked the mouth of the Chasico stream.

The previous comments indicated that fishing was giving preferably midwater and bottom, but we know very well that we need all kinds of gear in all output. And luckily that inside our handbag we also load the floating lines…


If we try to do things well and cover all forms of fishing, there are several teams that we carry: one for lines of background or paternoster, another for the rocker and the traditional float. It is a very deep lagoon, which even though it lost some hectares of surface and depth meters, still has at the Center about 8 m.

If the idea is to observe a buoy to see the sprints, the ideal is the rocker. To use this type of lines, it is advisable to load our reel with nylon to make slip knots that will determine us the depth of fishing. We must pass a Pearl, then the buoy rocker, another Pearl by the mother of the reel and make him stop with a noose.

But must take the depth of the place and know how much we want to fish at the bottom, what is accomplished in the following way: we attached a plomito to the tip of the nylon and we are touching bottom; When it does stop there to tie there the first noose; and once completed, we will make another noose immediately below the former. The distance that let us between knot and knot will be the same that we have between the Fund and our bait.

That is the right way to use it. Once this first step, remove the plomito and attach the rocker, which will hang two snoods not very long so they will not tangle each other. The advantage of this rig is that we are going to fish with two hooks in the same depth. The shank should not be very long, with 2.10 to 2.50 m is more than enough. And the same team can be perfectly used to employ a baseline with a lead and two snoods.

The float is the traditional: cane 4 to 4.50 m, reel front or low profile and floating line with three medium-sized buoys, which we can assemble way dodgier if required by the fish. Silverside is from boca chica, with a 1/0 hook is more than enough. Together with the family Giménez and Raúl Sánchez put together an excellent group of friends willing to withstand the prevailing cold, but eager for a very good fishing in this classic fishing in the area of sand dunes.

We arrived at the cabins and immediately went to meet Leo, our guide to this output. Yatenia a couple of truckers preparations, only remained upload and start with the Assembly of the equipment.

We sail to idle towards the nursery area, up to the mouth of the Chasico stream, looking for little water strips to see if we were to the pejes of large-sized. For this type of fishing, we set up all equipment with floating lines, and the longest branch line not exceeded 50 cm. We stick to the coast and, taking advantage of the wind’s back, perfectly cast our lines without using a pointer, which gives it to the rig more freedom.

Go and try

There were four on the boat and all put different colors of buoys to see if one worked better. At this first stop the luck was not on our side: we got a single pique from a not very large silverside, just 30 cm. continue looking and visiting the nursery, the Gorge of the axe, Bay… and fish shone by their absence. In the absence of shafts, guide decided to go fishing adrift in the middle of the lagoon.

And not missed him: expected us a party. I see that Leo puts just a line paternoster and Christian imitates it. I threw while waiting for results, the same rig used previously. And in less than a minute, the last buoy (had a branch line from 35 cm) slowly began to move to the side. I waited a few seconds and the accurate canazo us dioun pretty chubby silverside, which would reach the 500 grams of weight. “Was it coincidence”, I thought. But no, the resentments have begun to occur continuously and at all depths.

When already 10 catches, my fellow llevabamas began to worry: did not know if follow with deep lines or have fun fishing well afloat. I should also clarify that all rigs comply with fisheries objectives, only to those of three buoys are sometimes a bit more fun to view. Fishing continued non-stop until noon, time that we choose a repair of the Islands for our lunch. There were joined by other friends: all had similar results, almost a full drawer with ports that were around 40/42 cm.

Only to change fishing perspective, when we restart the second part of the day I went from my floating line to one type of paternoster. First we not got answers, until the trucker settled and began to garetear slow on the coast of piers, well in front of the place where the colorful watercolors of the Lake cabins are perfectly shaped.

Fishing gave no respite. Catches were filling drawer. All very fighters and extremely fat, silverside such which are we accustomed this fishery. Return of Chasico with the great joy of having confirmed the recovery of a fishing vessel of similar characteristics. Who must make a long journey to reach this Lake, know that this season they will be rewarded by the quality and quantity of your silverside.