Laguna Silverside: Keys to Assemble a Good Float Rig

What must be taken into account to achieve greater performance. Small details that make big differences.

Nylon: use good quality nylon and soft, without memory. In the event that we have to assemble a line of float for lagoon classic with three buoys, its length must not exceed lacana length.

Mother: is the nylon where buoys are mounted. It is 0.35 mm diameter

Nylon tie hooks: should not be very thin (far enredaría), 0.28 or 0.30 mm. The main thing is to be very silky so that when you mark it to be threaded in a Board, a buoy I – I or a rotor I – I, with slight pressure from the fingers return to its original position.

Mounted buoys on the nylon: as a major type of equipment for fishing listed on, it can be done via fixed knots (before closing them is advisable to moisten them with lips), them can be put to the buoy with the help of a PIN, but not to approach them much since they can be mounted

. Another way of assembling is with slip knots. They should be done with a special wire type of zapatero, well adjusted, and leftover tips cut them with a nail plier.

The hook: You must tie crazy. That way you have game and with the movement of water the bait moves with greater naturalness.

Rotor: It is the element that is placed next to the buoy. They may be rotating rotors, in which is placed ganging with a buttonhole of termination at the end. For its part, the rotors I – I nylon is stored in them. It is something very practical and comfortable. The only care that should be taken is that the nylon that is used is of good quality, so when ganging elongates and is marked by having be rolled, with slight pressure from the fingers again its original position.

The pilotin: It is placed at the end of the line, where joins the nylon of the reel. It should not use snap hook with Swivel, since it can become entangled with the pointer of the cane. It is tie the nylon or multifilament directly, it will work much better.