Lady Fario has its Habits… and she Intends to do not Derogate.

Thus rises-t it at dawn, having lunch at the zenith, and dinner at dusk. Then, wishing to digest his meal in peace, she enters his discreet home to the cozy charm.

She knows that curiosity is a bad thing, also consider t-it, once at home, that the variegated, noisy louts, and weird passing in the street, I’m sorry UK, deserve, in any way, his attention. Useless so, when she is at home, to canvass it last fish high-tech swimmer, him rolling mechanical marbles, trying to give him your pieces of plastic in the unlikely colours, well even would they Delicately scented with the dead herring or viscera of Jackal to garlic, and offer more or less rotating spoons, rolling, they were cash : she doesn’t eat of this bread!

At best, it will deal with all your mess of fair, with contempt. At worst, will be t-she fear, believing that want his virtue!And there is no salvation: its stony roof closed, its rooted bed closed, its foam components locked double turn. It’s dead, cooked, grated for the day, she’ll forget to even to eat. Because trout is timid, it is there, the slightest defect.

But if you force his door, leaded rash (3, 5grs), beware of his wrath! This salmonid cornered, will defend his honor, with velocity. She will bite, angrily the opponent, such a pitbull, will shake him, shoot him all-out. You find delicate, fragile, shy to the extreme? How a little pretty face hiding – it also closed jaw, a such combativeness? You had underestimated? Of, your node was not quite shake, your not quite tight wire, its not high enough diameter, not enough engame lure, you weren’t quite ready, you have enough ferré? Cry!Balans arms, you look now, poor simpleton, your cane stripped of his bait. Madam the speckled, will sport it, now proudly, in new piercing, at the corner of the lips, as spoils of war. Looking for her, you’ve found it!

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to arrive at the time of his meal, look no to attract it by one of these fashionable flashing neon fuchsia, broadcasting in ultrasonic, the latest version of “The Voice” in rap, in the form “of Iron Man” style. You will lose your time, and probably expensive lure, in a herbarium, before the have interested. Lady Fario mocks what in vogue. She has conservative values his appetite is sharpened by the food of its terroir. Exoticism, originality, very little for her.

But make an offer instead, to his cousin, the fool, Arc in the sky. One, fired any wood, or fang of all water. She has no taste, no etiquette. Alas, it’s not his fault: fixed rude, unhappy childhood in a crowded bucket, without origin, rootless, homeless, wandering, constantly hungry and quarrelsome, ready to do battle with everything that moves. His aggressiveness earned him not to make old bones, and the pure strain, knowing this, alongside her with indifference, not seeing any kinship between his nobility of character and this vulgar seed of offender. We don’t mix dishcloth and towel!