Ituzaingo Never Ceases t Amaze

Days held the most important region suburi fishing contest, the area gave signals very good, shipping more than interesting and fighters. Image gallery.

They have always been. Since time immemorial the surubí live, travel, and inhabit waters of Alto Paraná. They migrate, Hunt, reproduce and reach ports for astonishment. With few natural enemies — only human beings has interfered in its evolution-, these big fish not only surcanlas waters of the River, but that they venture by dreams of also open – and closed – eyes of more than one fisherman.

Measured by a wild beast of similar dimensions implies putting into play too much one: skills, skills own and others (the task of equipment on board is critical), knowledge and management of the team, and a great deal of cold blood and adrenaline hot. All condiments of a really strong dish.

The next celebration delXVII contest integration of fishing boat of the surubí, to be held in the Corrientes city of Ituzaingó, was a powerful reason to relieve deantemano courts and measured with this vigorous and particular species. A new and organizing pujantecomision, composed of old and new friends (Marcelo González, Emilio Nicolas, EdvarStemberg, and Viviana Mettifogo) among others supported us and accompanied durantenuestro fisheries survey.

Precisely in the boat of Edvard, with Gustavo Carosella experienced yel guide Ketch Crescencio Morales, we began attempts upstream of Punta Norte, crossing pesquerosen trolling mode, which consists of dragging an artificial lure through the idle speed of the boat. This technique allows working sectors of the river probing the bed and putting a lure with vibrating action near the bottom, with high chances of pique in the place tend to be the large surubíes bet.

Appropriate elements

What is convenient is to use by the order of 7 feet rod, teams with power ranges of 20 to 30 pounds and medium Rotary reels with capacity for about 200 metres of the 0.37 nylon to the 0.40. Fishing vessels not so deep and the large amount of stones Rocky yafloramientos on the bed, make it preferable to nylon monofilament above multifilament, cuts against the stones and more prone to act in areas of greater depth.

No response on our boat throughout the morning in this mode, prompted us to cambiarde strategy. We solved anchor us in the area known as “The 1,000”, to be located opposite the District 1,000 homes, and try fishing with natural baits. With identical equipment and replacing the decoys by leaders with hooks N ° 7/0 embodied with medium-sized eels and miñocas,(grandes lombrices de tierra) ylastrados with interns leads, we were testing different anchorages without much luck.

Already around noon anchor resolvimossoltar, remove the leads and start garetear (let the boat drift). The entire sector “The 1,000” what little depth (4 to 6 m) and with irregular funds from stone, generamuchos dam. Why should go moving the bait with the toe of the shank while the boat is derived. This results in minimizing tailing them, while it increases the attractiveness of the bait will be traveling by the much more active Fund.

Surubí in trolling

It is known that by fishing with natural lures, it is as generally achieve higher proportion of medium-sized and small specimens, and trolling with those of larger size are achieved. However, when the fish are active also it is feasible to give large freight with natural baits. And if not that ask Edvar, that this same boat and using this modality, with an anguilamediana he managed to Pierce and reduce to the largest of this survey surubí. A mole of whiskers and muscles that claimed several minutes bout and a few cuantasescaramuzas before surrender.

Prior to making a stop for lunch recorded a second pique, also with eel: a medium but very combative surubí. The fact of being the only boat acting enese sector of the river much increased the chances of success. On the one hand, there is less noise of motors, helmets and people. And on the other hand, once a fish can work running is more calmly than when this circumstance occurs in the middle of a fleet of boats, fishermen and nailons. For this nothing better than escape to on weekends and holidays.

Who can schedule their departure for days, will no doubt enjoy a more relaxed fishing and in addition will increase itsmeans. The afternoon we are dedicated to fishing vessels from the island deVidal, where we did repair the gastronomic range, passing by Punta Naro, scale, Solonesky and almost lazonadel Chalet Fiplasto.

We act both trolling and bait, without a single positive response. Cover at the last minute, after the sunset, upstream from the area of the Zoo, in what was the last last before returning to port, we recorded a solid pique of a surubique be devoured a long deep banana type lure.

Night hunters

Simultaneously, the boat of Flavio Cacho Cundor, which acted beside us, gave a similar attack that Facundo – suhijo – could be completed already translated entry virtually overnight. Almost in the same place, two good pieces attacking and eating at the time that the great hunters they do: sunset.

This speaks of the gregarious habits of the fish, that are active (eating by mouth, not hooked be parts of body) and customs of breaking hunters and night which are. The next day started it well early, to take advantage of the morning twilight. And in the second or third pass in trolling, with a lure’s depth and the area dePunta Naro, gave a new catfish that made us presagiarque would be a day with many rivalries more. However, it was the first and only. The highlight of the afternoon in trolling a lure with interesting captured gold was type mojarra large depth, upstream of the stool, quite apart from the Chalet Fiplasto.

Send quality

As rarely happens, this time we realize single pique of gold that we had and thefour piques of catfish that we recorded over two days of fishing, two with two lures with natural baits. Fishing in these latitudes escasi as an all or nothing. But there is no quedesesperar: the big fish are and the chances of capturing them also, just that no amount of piques sonaguas.

Aquila patience, constancy and perseverance are the steps Dela staircase to go. It is not something new, the thinker already 2000 years ago and stoic philosopher Seneca – contemporary Christ-insisted with that rather than quantity quality counts. Ituzaingo stands out for his grandespeces, in waters where the surubí remain, they will come are and where above all premium huge, robust, solid and forceful quality.