In the Surroundings of Puerto Piracua

Dorados, pacú, bream and catfish were the result of a quite entertaining outlet to the Paraná. Loretto fisheries are very high. Image gallery.

Still! Do not launch! Don’t move! Do not breathe! “, said Alexis from the bow of the boat platform.” “Quiet please!”, returned to ask already almost in a tone of supplication, as we derivábamos a Paraná very low and very clear, as clean water which revealed clearly the banks and Sandy veriles – alternating depths of 40 cm to no more of 1.5 m – in a sector where the river ran gentle, slowly but surely , on the benches outside of the Piriputi, in the Paraná. The flat hull of the boat allowed us to pass smoothly places less draught and electric motor bow, as well as the force of the water, helped move in silent and choosing the course.

With Marcelo, we abide by the order of stillness and look carefully at where Alexis was the lance. After the last back cast to load as much as possible the cane fly N ° 7, the floating line deployed harmonious your loop forward and pushed the fly so that it falls into water moderately developing 1.20 m nylon leader and final 20 cm of steel cable.
It took only three or four strips (pulls the line) so we saw emerge from the water semitraslucida the beast in front. A Stela “V” important, and at the apex, a head strong, broad, yellowish, pushing the water and leaving do, with the displacement heavy and sure of the predator that has no natural enemies and swimming towards the fly. Perhaps has lasted two or three seconds across the scene, until we saw him open the mouth, swallowing a bunch of colorful feathers and deer hair that, inside, hid a sharp hook 3/0.

It is likely that during this short period, not only not moved or breathe, I think that either the heart stopped us. Thing Yes began to make, and the galloping, when after nailing it began the fight.
An adult Golden, healthy, vigorous and in full, on the fly is one of the most wonderfully intense fishing experiences that can give us the Paraná.
Big naturally does not jump out of the water, at most they nod or extrude medium-bodied, but in this case, because it is one deep so little industry, the defense of the fish was onslaught, the Bullfight endless searching for zafar.

See the rod bent to the Cork in a unswerving position of inferiority and the backing (reserve) of 20 pounds from the reel in spades and without solution of continuity, is something hard to forget. Not lose tension and control, to be able to assign without being overly permissive and rigorear without something breaks or is cut, lack the time that, without hurry too or commit errors and dexterity put into play in each skirmish, are letters of a thrilling game, where the reward is worth what it weighs.

The final battle near the town, the last assaults and the hands holding the bunch of wild muscles, that torpedo lined with gold color scales. What moments! Then the photos to immortalize what anyway already is immortal and the release of the fish to be crowned the successful faena. There are those magical moments, epic and indelible moments that for the angler does not justify anything, it justifies everything.

Doradazo and another thing

We were a little fishing waters down what was once the major port Piracua, and which have no nothing. In vicinity of the mouth of the homonymous stream, by where at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th embarked most of the wood of quebracho colorado to cater to the growing railway network in the country and the tannin for the global industry of leather. “The Forestal Land, Timber and Railways Company Limited” (the forest lands, timber and railways company) or better known as “The forest”, was the protagonist of an era that left deep traces in the history and culture of the region and the country.
While we had fish some gold in the morning, in the sliding zone that goes from the mouth of the stream the howler to El Laurelti, fly bait cast and spinning with lures half water, this last doradazo ignited on the banks of the Piriputi left us more than satisfied with the species and we arranged to meet new challenges.
We had started this survey the day before trying with the pacu and a whole day of (only two attacks and a lost pique), negative results in an unpleasant day of intense pursuit, which recently we save at night with a puppy of catfish caught with an eel opposite the island ball. The change of climatic conditions and with the Golden morning success hinted us that something had changed and that the expectations were renewed.
As nothing increases the chances of success as keep fishing with enthusiasm, we set bow to the Cuatro Bocas (also known as the fishery). We employ here Rod 7 feet (2.10 m) and no more than 20 pounds (9 lbf) strength and frontal and Rotary low profile reels loaded with nylon of the 0.37 to the 0.40 or thread to the 0.24 0.22 multifilament and finished on a hook 3/0 leg short, linked to the nylon with about 10 centimeters of wire or steel cord of 40 pounds (18 kilograms) , as the bite of the pacu requires no more than a very short leader.

And it’s a narrow course, the chosen mode was “to hit”, use dough balls encarnes in gear without ballast, taking advantage of the weight of the preparation for launch. This technique involves go throwing baits into the margins with precision, so that they fall well near the coast with the naturalness of a small fruit, Berry, drupe or seed that emerges from the shorebreak vegetation. The frontal reels have better performance, especially when encarnes guys or very light shed.

Fishing, after the release, continues leaving lower or derive a little deception with the locking reel and without losing control and contact with the bait. That is, picking up the nylon that might still remain loose after the parabolic lance. And if there is no attack, quickly collect and assemble a new shot without interfering with the lances and trajectories of fishing companions. This is a very active and much exactness, that requires dexterity and concentration.

And became the sprints

There was some mordiscones in the balls until we were giving accurate piques, and thus define very eases medium pacú screenshots. The variety of masses to be used is very wide, and as the saying goes, “every maestrito with his little book”.

In our case, it was as well prepared: 1 kilo plain flour, 1 packet of powdered orange juice, 1 packet of juice strawberry or mango powder, a Jet generous essence of vanilla and water to make a smooth and pliable dough. A kinoto size balls are prepared and given a boil coup to make consistency. Then you remove them from the boiling water, it sprayed them with more vanilla essence and keeps them inside a nylon bag closed so that they don’t lose moisture.
The pacu is omnivorous and can try it with countless other baits, especially if you fishing waiting or gareteando, now not all – by shape or weight – they serve to fish to hit. The possibilities of bait include salami in chunks, bacon, heart, fat vaccine beans soaked corn, kinotos, tripe, cheese, pieces or peel fruits, bread with mustard and others, as well as the masses of flour of corn, wheat or mixed.
Anchored in these same fishermen looking for copies of pacu, larger and with encarnes of heart in the same gear, but weighed down with interns plomitos, ended up capturing interesting Bogue. For this fishing – boat anchored – the use of rotating reels is more comfortable and appropriate.
Always in search, we move to the productive area of the Garabatal. There we continue acting with background and different bait rigs until we noticed that on our side, practically where we were moored, submerged branches moved as if someone tironeara them below.
The pacú were ramoneando at our feet! Let us go and turn on the outboard with electric motor we got away a little bit and started to launch a coup against the Bank in the whole sector.

Also in fly cast

The pacu fish of gregarious habits, was acardumado and grazing that coast. Considering that the resentments were practically on the fall of the mass, we solved arm cast fly rods. And with floating lines began to launch a unique fly that we call “Boli Plop”, in reference to its shape and the sound that makes falling into the water. Consists of a large plastic account threaded on a middle leg No. 3/0 hook, you can add to that a hackle or a small tail of marabou, but that single and bare also very is good.
The bite of the pacu is strong, firm and consistent. And by being used to bite and to break hard fruits and seeds, not is discouraged to feel the rigidity of plastic, which nailed him teeth wanting. That determination to the bite, added that has a soft inside mouth, gives many chances to nail it with this type of deception, which would disqualify more than one precious tie.

In your favor we can say that it works very well, it is easy to make and effective. Fight the branches of the Bank with a fly rod with a pacu is a highly recommended and dangerously addictive experience. Almost, almost, a road of no return.