How to Trigger the Worm of Rimini

The best way to achieve “a good catch”, is to use an appropriate bait. If our most coveted preys are the bream, sea bream or p, in this case we can use as a reminder of the worm of Rimini. Once in possession of this lure, the next step is to mount it properly on the hook. For those who still were not aware of this way of fishing we see below some tips on how to trigger in Rimini worm correctly.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • worm in Rimini
  • Hooks of various sizes
  • needle chunky

Not all fishermen are aware of this type of bait, perhaps this gap stems from the fact that not all retailers of live bait, the worm of Rimini between their articles. In fact it is a good ally, able to help us fill the basket of fish that would otherwise be slightly difficult to fish. Before we delve into the heart of the Guide, we know a little better the worm. In practice this is a snake-like annelid, purplish red color. Its habitat is the sea, where he likes to take refuge within the lairs dug by himself. It feeds mainly on molluscs and small organisms.

Regarding the use of this bait, it is important to say that the whole procedure is based primarily on the greatness of the love that you want to use and the length of the worm that we want to use. If the specimen at our disposal is large, we can think of cutting the final part, that inherent in the tail, retaining all the rest of the animal inside containers with seawater. The process is simple, despite this however you must do it by following a specific methodology. The first step is to pick up the worm, decide which is the length that you want to use, wait a few minutes in so that it is the worm itself to remove the piece of your choice. Never make the mistake of using scissors as many people do.

Once the piece is detached, let’s dry him using either a soft or a few sheets of paper towel. At this point our bait is ready to be triggered. The possibilities at our disposal are two, we can either use a needle or trigger the worm on the hook directly by passing it several times from the tip up to cover it completely. The first methodology is indicated in case we want to use multiple pieces of bait at once, in this case we must not do is put the various parts into the needle, very gently please scroll to get the hook. At this point we’re going to completely cover so that the prey cannot see the gleam of steel.