How to Fish Seines to Surfcasting and Spinning

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Bass Fishing For Both Surfcasting And Spinning

The bass is naturally caught in the sport fishing through the method of spinning or trolling, although curiously surfcasting professionals are popularizing their fishing using different tricks. In any case we intend to advise you in both methods so that you enjoy a great day of fishing.

How to Fish Seines to Surfcasting and Spinning

About the Species

The sea bass is a perceived mainly on the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, popular during the spring season when they usually fish commercially, since the great restaurants and the gastronomic industry in general, put it in the crosshairs by its nutritional value .

Its scientific name is Dicentrarchus labrax, but commonly it is called sea ​​bass, snook, lupi, baila, or furagaña.


The seabass is a large fish, has two dorsal fins and fins suitable for swimming, with wide and forked caudal, is also characterized by its serranous and strong head, prominent mouth and visible lower jaw, finally highlight the teeth On the tongue used to destroy their prey.

Length : The seabass is large in size and 10 cm in height. It is medium in size and 10 cm in height. It is medium in size and 30 cm in height.

Weight : Although on average an adult specimen can weigh about 7 kilograms, the truth is that they can fatten very easily if the food is abundant, even achieving that its morphology is rounder, thus the average weight increases to 8 and 12 kilograms .

Color: While under water with the naked eye it will look silvery with some dark variations on the back and even olive green highlights. Out of the water, it has a fairly strong gray color and pearly white in the belly.


Seabass prefers to go around rugged areas, preferring rocky coasts, mouths of rivers, breakwaters and harbors, but this happens during spring and summer when temperatures rise, leading to more voracious behavior, whereas in autumn and winter it is lethargic and Easier to get them offshore. During its first years, the seabass prefers to prowl in groups the sandbanks near the coast, when reaching adulthood they separate and look for a certain depth, do not submerge too much because they prefer oxygenated waters, therefore they are usually found to a maximum Of 15 meters.


Being a carnivorous predator, sea bass prefers to feed on prey of good size to satisfy their ravenous appetite during hot seasons, enjoying small fish, mollusks and sometimes crustaceans. Thanks to this you can try it in many ways, some prefer to fish bass with live bait, but the truth is that most like to do it withartificial lures .

How to Fish for Surfcasting

Most sea bass lovers prefer to use the trolling or spinning technique, however when the waters heat up, it opens up an opportunity for shore fishermen, yes, it must be taken into account that it is a totally different species than what Is accustomed in Surfcasting and it is worth much to be prepared for the challenge.

How to find it? 

Taking into account what we have already said about the habitat of the sea bass, you will be able to imagine which are the best places to find it, those cloudy areas with plenty of foam and waves will be the central focus where to catch them. On the other hand the hour is another determining factor to be successful, since the seabass prefer to hunt during the night, being twilight the best time to begin, since the tide is high and brave.

Mounting the line bass

Although the high tide, the foam and the turbulence of the water are ideal to find basses, the truth is that these conditions destroy the mounts, because in wild water the lines and gametes are tangled, so it is better to use a basic and simple assembly But effective. Also remember to use good weight weights, between 120 grams and 150 grams, depending on the current and the force of the waves. Also choose a fluorocarbon wire of good thickness (0.35 mm to 0.60 mm) that is not easy to break and avoid tangles, since with the weight of the lead you could lose all the assembly. As for the hooks you must prepare those superior to 5/0 because the mouth of the sea bass is very large and the small hooks would not do their job.

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Fishing for bass with live bait

Those who like to fish spinning or spinning bass always opt for hard lures, however, only in this modality, it is advisable to change vinyls and minows for live bait, with sardines and sepia being the favorites for the moment, since more That its appearance is the smell that attracts these voracious predators.

Strategically capturing the water is a great option to attract the seabasses that are located at a distance, and once we see them close then we can present the bait in a more efficient way, either using the tails or a very well-typed sardine fillet. If you have sepia, then use belly strips or guts, which usually catch the attention of our prey immediately.


Before even thinking about going out on a day, it is important that you have theright surfcasting rod, as these are very heavy, the rod could give in during the fight or when you are ready to remove it, you could break the toe or lose the rod if You are not well seized.

Now, when launching, we will look for the point where the foam is concentrated, trying different distances, first testing at 20 meters and extending up to 80 meters to detect the point where they are concentrated. Always taking care to remain a prudent time in each measure, since pulling the line hastily could only entangle the gametes and the assembly with the algae or rocks, the longer they stay under the water probing the area much better. So be patient, but do not hesitate to try in places that look more promising not to waste too much time.

During the wait 

Fishing basses to surfcasting is not easy, very few get it easily, because the best chances to get it join the storms, high tide, darkness and raging waves, uncomfortable situation to bear on the shore, therefore you We recommend that you prepare in advance for the cold, the rain, the long hours of waiting and the lack of light.

Wear comfortable shoes, anti-slip, with good traction if you go to a cliff, or rubber boots if you are on the beach, wear a hat and umbrella, a stable chair and take your friends to place the rods in various strategic points, enjoy The conversation and a rich drink without losing sight of the leading ones. Here at Internetages you can get more fishing equipments. Good luck!

Fishing from Sea Bass to Spinning 

The bass fishing to spinning requires great skill by the fisherman, since it is a clean mode, where the angler gives life to artificial lures with the movement of the spinning rod.

As we have advised in the section of surfcasting, if we want to find sea bass we should look for areas where the foam abounds, especially if the weather threatens a storm, as in cloudy waters and rocky areas of strong waves is that we will find our Friend, because the seabass takes advantage of these conditions to camouflage itself and to deceive its prey.

Bass fishing with hard lures

The best lures to try sea bass are those that imitate the popular eels, since the sea bass feels a certain predilection for the same, but generally choosing two types of lures that agree: Swimmers and surface, When to use one And when to use another? Simple, swimmers in autumn and winter and surface in spring and summer, as the heat draws them to the surface.

As for colors there is a lot of debate, some prefer to use flashy, reddish or white lures, which work best when there is a lot of darkness, while if the water is clear or enough light the natural colors are preferred, either Silver, green, gray or brown.

If the sea conditions are uncertain and the bottoms are loaded with algae or rocks, avoid using your best and most expensive lures, as you can lose them in a few seconds, try the poppers or walkers 8 and 10 cm, not only to avoid The tangles but to observe and enjoy the capture better.

Never forget to work your wrist to give greater grace and naturality to the movement of your lures, and do not pull when the toe moves, you have to expect to feel the weight in the whole reed, so pick the line correctly instead of taking the lure Of the mouth.

If you go by boat and the weather is cold, the lures that conquer the bass are theminows or bib lures, you will need a bib more and more pronounced according to the depth in which the bass are found. If the water is clear you can not allow the decoy to remain still, you must create a fast and constant movement to deceive them effectively, the most used movement is that which goes from the depth to the surface, which is created by picking up the thread at a rate Smooth and steady, if you feel a pause when picking up means that the prey has stung and the fight begins.

Bass fishing with vinyl

Capturing bass with vinyl is a challenge, almost an art, because what is definitely worth here is the creativity and talent of the fisherman to make the lure move like a live bait, it requires extreme delicacy and the choice of a very real vinyl.

Too clear waters are not suitable, look for an area where a river flows, where there is a dock or look for muddy sandbanks, watch out for strange noises, splash the water or use electronic devices nearby, behave stealthily so as not to wake the Suspect the seabasses that are nearby.

We wish you an excellent day and on this occasion we recommend to return to the sea the catches loaded with roe, since we would avoid that they reproduce normally.

If with these tips your fishing trips in search of sea bass we recommend this exquisite recipe.

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