How to Craft the Perfect Perch for Swimbait

The months of May, June, July, August and September are with me, among other characters in smaller swimbaits – smaller soft plastic lures with paddle tail that I linear kurble Duch water, occasionally even antwitche. The little things have a number of advantages compared to the same big wobblers: The hook can be solved easily. The second drilling does not catch on the outside. One can just about exploiting all depths. Gums are cheaper than Hardbaits. And I can cut my bait individually on my applications or coordinate the action level on the aggression level of the perch.

The greatest confidence I have in Swimbaits when realistically come along. Therefore I rely on fish heads with eyes and natural bait designs.

In principle, one has at the minimum three shad shapes to choose from, the place a completely different running behavior on the day. Namely, the Action Shad, the Low action Shad and Swim Shad.

My favorite swimmies of Berkley Ripple Shad are, the Pulse Shad and Powerbait Split Belly. While the blade of Ripple Shads (the two models in the center) would turn prefer to the bait and closely rotates on shad, displaces the Pulse Shad (below) with its larger paddle tail on the flexible root much more water and are more violent vibration than the fine ripple vibrations from. The third variant is the Split Belly (above), which in comparison with the Ripple and Pulse Shad even less vibrates larger blade due to the strong roots as they stand the water pressure holds, thus powering the bait in a rocking motion.

All three rubbers have glued on eyes. If they were now (having the übrigensscharfe and stable hook) with the Berkley Jig Head combine incur 4-eyed mutants. In addition, the head would complete not clean the rearward tapering Jigkopg.

Therefore, I take a pair of scissors and cut a triangle in the bait head a, into which the jig fits perfectly.

Then a drop of super glue gel on it. (I find great, the stuff. Much better than conventional glue.)

Pressing and dry. (Ok, I admit, the small hump could have been avoided with a little more concentration -. But is also so catch his fish)

And here is the complete battery perfect Swimbaits!