How to Choose Insulated Water Bottle

Change your way of consuming your coffee or tea?

Where then do you perhaps part of users searching for the hidden gem that REALLY keep you at temperature your favorite drink?

Dear user, you are lucky, I’ve been there a few years ago! I’m tired of all these mug who did keep my drink warm longer than 20 min and I finally found a real gem!

This article full summarize the tests that I have done on the mug of different brands and other mugs insulated that I had in my possession in recent years. The main brands that share market went to sift through. A friend, conquered by the subject and professional in the road, also made me go back some valuable information…

If you don’t have time to read all this buying guide, go directly to part 3 to find out the winners of our tests.

1. five reasons to carry a mug in your backpack.

If you are not yet convinced by this magical tool, here are a few reasons that make that I will not return back already. For others, you can move on to the next part

1.1 moisturize you advantage, it’s good for your health.

I want to talk about tea essentially. Most cups have a capacity of greater than 500ml to fill up to keep warm longer. If you finish, you know you’ve already had much of the water that it is advisable to drink every day. Buy a mug and hydrate !!

For coffee, I do “American-style” that is to say a lot lighter and with milk which is, I think, much better than the little black or double espresso for breakfast.

1.2 undeniable time saving.

Since I am dad, Awakenings are more morning and every minute counts in the morning. Then have breakfast quietly on the road allows you to save a few precious minutes of sleep.

We prepare the coffeemaker the eve evening and morning, you no longer have that warm the Bialeti I want to tell you that we have swapped the Senseo against a beautiful Italian coffeemaker. Best coffee, cheaper, more environmentally friendly, etc.

Attention just to not charge as would like our Italian neighbours.

I’m talking about saving time on weekdays but I have to admit that even with time, we took the habit to use the drink in the morning in our mug. Because it allows us to keep warm and take his time. What a joy to go into the garden after breakfast and still have his hot with drink.

1.3 A fishing, hiking and outdoor activities.

The day fishing Sunday morning starts with a small pleasure that has no price: take away my coffee cream in the car with quality water bottles bought from Waterbottlesshop.

On the road, the sun rises, I’m excited to join the river. I begin my coffee and a first. When I arrived, the Cup stay in the car with my second Crescent. They will be both my happiness in the morning.

You have to laugh to read these few lines, but these little treats make me really happy…

For the picnic, camping or hiking for a few hours, everyone can bring his thermos with the drink he wants. It’s easy and convenient.

1.4 “it brings comfort.

I put this reason in quotes because it is a comment made by my dear and tender a little more ‘perched’ than I am for those who know it.

On Monday morning, when you’re stuck in traffic, have its small hot drink of the House would bring comfort. Ditto at the office at your arrival. And rather than take refuge in the coffee machine “like everyone else”, I like having my coffee throughout the morning.

1.5 to go on vacation, it’s cheaper and better than on the highway.

As soon as you go on vacation, you know full well that you’ll stop several times before you reach your destination.

You also know that the road costs dear and takes an important place in our holiday budget.Fuel and toll charges are 2 main chasms. But you already have time to calculate the amount of what you spent on Highway areas? Go it stings a little.

With your insulated mug, your favorite drink will remain warm with a good part of the trip. You can enjoy it while driving and good news, you know what you drink

Did I forget something for this first part?

2. understand the characteristics of an insulated mug.

2.1 vs mug stainless steel Mug plastic.

You will find 2 materials on the market of the mug. On one side the plastic, used for cheap mugs. The plastic is more fragile and does not keep your drink to temperature. The mug designed plastic are not really insulated however they may be appropriate for certain uses. If you want a simple Cup to drink your drink at home without risking to overthrow, the mug plastic may be sufficient. Also, know that the plastic is lighter than steel.

About stainless steel now, it’s more expensive to purchase but it is thanks to this material that your drink will remain warm for hours. So prefer stainless steel for a really insulated mug!

2.2 different covers.

One of the most important elements in the choice of your insulated mug is on the cover.

The lid screwed is a classic that is reliable, but is not very practical unless you have a brand that innovates and who finds the magic system (to follow).

The snap cover is present on the cheap mug. It’s the tongue is lifted for drinking and is closed then. You may have guessed, insulation is poor and this plug lets the liquid or steam.

2.3 do not neglect the shape of your mug.

Last thing to say about your future mug features: shape!

Indeed, a good mug is also a stable mug. Nothing is more irritating than to find his drink on the floor. Even the cover is waterproof, I sometimes have to completely open the CAP to cool my drink faster when I’m in a hurry to drink.

So be careful to select a stable insulated mug.

3. the insulated MUG that should not buy.

Before prescribe you some references in the field, here are those to whom it will take not crack. Forget already all the insulated mugs offer souvenir shops at the end of your visit in all the tourist places that you can visit. They are beautiful and make you might want but are better at picking up dust that keep your drink at the right temperature.

In fact, the rule is quite simple. Be aware that even the most expensive and the most beautiful do not know to keep your drink warm from the time where they are plastic.

I tried a model of a great brand specialising in isothermal containers “Contigo” that we will see later, but the mug was plastic. I paid him a fortune in a specialty store. I hooked the enticing label who blew quick opening with its Autoseal system. No risk to sink in the car, it looked awesome.

The system in many certainly worked but this isn’t what I asked him first. It is clear that this mug was not much more than what you find in any store.

The brand offers models in stainless steel, given the good reviews of these, so I think that should not generalize to this brand. I found a model as we will see later in the article.

3. the mug who keep your drink warm.

Here is a selection of three products that I have found for you. It follows extensive testing, feedback from friends and studies on the Internet! This list is not exhaustive, I leave it to you to choose your due to all the explanations I’ve provided previously.

Others that are already fun to compare the different mug on the market and found in part the comments I’ll make you.

3.2 Contigo and its CAP innovative.

Unfortunately I don’t have a good experience with the brand Contigo. I bought a mug a few years ago who did not keep the heat.

I then contacted the brand to have explanations. Contigo replied me:

Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for your interest in the brand Contigo.
We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the mug that you purchased previously. Of according to our information, this is the model, a plastic mug. It is true that this mug does not keep warm for a long time, but it is also clearly indicated on the product label.

At the price I paid it, I confess have fallen out of the top. I then asked a few samples of other models for test in order to avoid that I go with a priori the drafting of this article.

« Pour l’instant nous ne pouvant malheureusement pas répondre favorablement à votre demande ci-dessous. Nous recevons chaque semaine plusieurs demandes pour des produits a tester pour les blogs et nous devons faire des choix. Puisque que votre intérêt se porte sur des mugs isothermes, nous pourrons regarder de nouveau vers la fin de l’année pour voir si nous pouvons vous aider avec un échantillon de mug. Pour le moment l’accent est mis plus sur l’hydratation et les bouteilles d’eau. »

So I went to the Fund to buy the West Loop Cup ISOTHERM 470 ml model.

Contigo brand has much relied on the cover of the mug. Indeed, you are able to drink your drink with one hand by simple pressure of the finger on the button. You have no risk to you everywhere and you can put your mug on the passenger seat or in the bag to hand to the horizontal.

Another advantage noted by Eric, professional road, in case of danger, you can take your mug without fear you down on your knees…

There are also several disadvantages to this sophisticated ultra plug: on the one hand thedifficulty of cleaning to access the small nooks inside the CAP. On the other hand, the set pressure of the mug when you shake it to mix your sugar (which doesn’t happen with the mug of other brands).

Indeed, as soon as you press the discharge after having shaken him, you have the right to a nice squirt it will avoid absolutely to not hate this brand!

The product is qualitative and belongs to the top 3 of the best mug on the market but after study Contigo CAP, it is not as perfect as its competitor I present you…

3.3. the Travel mug, Bodum: this is perfection!

Must tell you the history of my mug, Bodum. I don’t know this brand some time ago. I had nailed my mug plastic Contigo in the closet disappointed by its capabilities. I was so resigned to go to the coffee or the little black of the Senseo machine.

But one day during a seminar at Center Park, a big tea drinker went to get ‘his Bodum’ at the end of the meal to complete by the end of the evening. With the way he announced it, I guess it was his favorite companion. I then asked him if he was happy because I was disappointed with all those I had already bought.

He laughed and told me, as in a George Clooney advertising that only a mug, Bodum could keep her warm tea throughout the day.

Back from the seminar, I went on the Internet buy me a mug of the brand.

In a hurry to test, I’ve prepared a tea as soon as I received it, I filled my Bodum and I waited 20 minutes as I used to do with my other mug… and ME I’M UP THE LANGUAGE!

I swear that this is not a joke or a stunt. Bodum has not sent me check for these claims. My colleague had reason, only this Bodum thermos mug was able to keep your drink warm all day…

Good points don’t stop there. The materials are very robust and thus can be passed to the dishwasher without problem. The CAP is simple and hygienic cleaning. The shape of the Cup is well-designed, stable and wide enough to pass your sponge to the bottom.

The outline rubber is simple and useful to do not escape your drink. With practice, you can easily open your mug in one hand with your index finger. Try in your cupholder in the car.

Stainless steel is very thick, my Bodum is robust, I have fallen several times fact without breaking.

Last thing, the screw locking system “without loss of the Cork” also allows to get air to cool your coffee more quickly if you are in a hurry…

If you want to summarize, my Bodum is perfect: it is very robust simple appearance but well thought.

It is found below €30 on the Internet if not on the store of the brand.

3.4 the Quechua of Decathlon mug.

As always I turned towards this great sign of sport that everyone knows. Quechua has surely an innovative affordable product? So for you write a comprehensive comparison on the isothermal market mug, I went to buy one of this great brand of sport found also here at Decath.

It is matte black, simple design than its competitors and we just talked about. It is also light enough at first glance.

I filled it last Sunday before to go fishing the Pike in Metz. Before taking the first SIP, I now was faced with a problem: impossible to use with one hand what is much more dangerous when driving. Unscrew the plug that is not even related to your Cup. Big negative for this mug at a small price.

Quechua would have not thought this aspect? It was probably too expensive and/or this mug is supposed to target the hiker and not the “drinker of tea at the wheel of his car.

On the warm, I was amazed! My coffee was still at the right temperature at noon. So for the budget or those who want to try this new way of consuming, the Quechua mug is made for you!

You take no risk and if you become a fan, nothing prevents you to a travel mug, Bodum later because if you’re like me, you forget about it at work. A mug of spare will not be a bad idea.

About washing, its form fairly thin does not allow your hand to rub until the bottom of the mug. Too bad once again that the brand is not thought to this detail.

Concerning the quality at the time, I saw a premature coating wear as you can see in the attached picture.

I was hesitant to go on 2 stars, but the price of €9.95 deserves a third and keeps it warm is stunning!


After testing a good part of the thermo mug that exist on the market, the Bodum Travel mug is that I kept at my side. It has that benefits, I found nothing to complain about (for once).

All in stainless steel, it is practical, quality and above all it keeps my drink warm for hours and hours. The brand has not balked on the means. It’s probably the mug that is most recommended among drinkers of tea and coffee which I belong.

Forget all these mug plastic that are worthless and invest in a model that you never leave (so sustainable!).


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