Formosa: the Paraguay River Shows his

In the Paraguay River and the height of Formosa, a fishing varied, fun and extremely attractive freight. Gold, chafalotes and surubíes.

When we reviewed fisheries of the country that we are emblematic, our thought flows to Patagonia with his salmon, the Paraná River for surubíes and gold and some stretches of the River Uruguay, but perhaps through ignorance we do not include the province of Formosa.

Through these lines, we will try to address some reasons why we believe that this fishing and outdoor tourism destination should not be missing in our lives when we seek alternatives and quality in a unique natural environment.

Together with my friend Eduardo Falchi, we arrive at Formosa airport under a drizzle
intermittent. We had planned to reach the hotel, preparing equipment and leave early the next day to the Bañado La Estrella (distant 400 km from the city of Formosa, which would be our base of operations). Fabian (our link in Formosa and who would accompany us during our stay) informed us, while we moved to the hotel, since El Bañado fauna contacts told him that it was raining since yesterday and roads became impassable. It is immediately opted for plan B: starting from the Horseshoe lagoon in two boats to fish the River Paraguay boasts about its course.

Previously, in discussions with Reinaldo Toad Saporiti, conductor of The hook TV and local river (who would be one of our guides at the outputs), said us that we did not expect impressive sizes, but that six kilos of gold were
leaving without problems, even with the high river.

Seven and thirty time morning, Fabian became us search for the hotel accompanied by Pepe Flash, who would be our second guide. Pepe is other knowledgeable of fishing in his boat and ride waters absolutely every day.

Already at Horseshoe lagoon, Saporiti boat was in the water, and with Joseph, our last companion, they were taking some mates with the engine at idle, waiting for us. Once over the course of the river and by checking that a strong South wind filled lambs and important waves the main channel, we decided to go upstream and try in a few slides that formed near the coast.

The first attempts would be in mode trolling with light colors lure, size of 15 to 19 cm and mean water, equipped with triple reinforced palette. Perhaps I would have agreed to grant a little mystery, tension or uncertainty to the first pass we did, but the reality was quite the opposite. We had piques immediately and in the initial round, to go the power, a medium chafalote in shank Eduardo was given. The attack of the fish is so violent at the beginning that there are great chances that come hooked of the head, since by his speed moves in an attempt to hit the deception. It would not be the only yagua pira (as it is also called the chafalote) that we exchange vessels, but that pique was constant, with sizes that came almost to the meter in length in some cases. An intimidating teeth, powerful tail, long and flat body from a bright silver with a blue-green iridescent back: a ultradeportivo fish that is not delivered in no time.