Fishing of the Ipso Lure, Sensations Guaranteed!

The ipso lure

It’s a still unknown fish of the lure anglers and yet the ipso lure fishing can provide huge sensations! The aspe is a freshwater fish belonging to the Minnow family, it can reach about 80 cm for not less than 5 kg. This fish likes the strong currents and hunting white fish near the surface, thereby he responds very well to the vibrations of our swimmers fish.

The aspe is a combative fish who does not hesitate to break the surface with spectacular jumps without counting its surprising footage! It is found mainly in the basin of the Danube and the Rhine, but the settlement is expanding.

Manners and behavior of the aspe

It’s a fish to the particular behavior, may hunt in bench as only the ipso to a good technique to him, that allows to find easily when it is active! In fact when he is hunting, the ipso uses his speed to overtake his prey and turn to engulf it by the head. A unique technique that causes a noisy spectacle at the water’s edge.

He likes to attend waters in movements in the medium see strong current. He swims almost permanently, and his favorite subject is the layer of water just under the surface, the surface lure is a great way to lure!

The aspe, despite the power of its attack and its footage, is a fragile fish that must be handled with care and who does not long tolerate to be out of his element… The fishgrip are to avoid strongly!

Equipment for the ipso lure fishing.

Equipment for fishing of the ipso lure remains quite classic, a set spinning or accompanied by a braid of 12/100 M power cast completed by a fluorocarbon. The use of a reel with a good recovery and a progressive brake properly adjusted is important. The IPSO operating in strong currents, he does not hesitate to go there when they feel trapped!

Now for most, the choice of the decoy: despite a size quite impressive for large specimens, the aspe does not necessarily search big prey, so focus on decoys 6 to 10 cm.

Stickbaits and little dipping jerbait are preferable, the goal being to evolve on the surface or just below the layer of water. Here is a small selection:

– The Illex Bonnie 95 stickbaits

– The Lucky Craft Flashminnow

– The Lucky Craft Sammy

– The Lucky Craft Wander

To be effective the animation of these lures be fast and nervous in order to trigger the ipso attack!

The ipso lure fishing is full of surprises, it’s a smart fish and which demands some knowledge and a lot of time on the water in order to understand its behavior and target positions or he likes to stand.