Fishing Guide Cliff Webb

For many people, fishing is a hobby really relaxing and fun. Of course whether you fish for hobby or business, there are a few rules to follow (for example it is necessary to know that not all fish can be caught, because now in danger of extinction). Fishing also can be carried out both from the beach, and at sea or over a cliff. In this guide we will talk specifically about fishing from cliffs. We will provide you with some information and advice to fish knowingly and satisfying.

Before I begin, I want to stress that in all areas where there is a prohibition of fishing, fines range from 100 to over 600 euros, so remember to all anglers to verify previously that in the area you have chosen is permitted fishing. To choose the rock on which point, opt for one positioned in medium height, from which you can launch your love deep enough. (N. b. consider possible changes of tide, to avoid finding yourself literally “up to your throat”).

Now is the time to choose the equipment: as for the barrel, we recommend a “Bolognese”, minimum length of 4 meters (higher if necessary or rough sea), equipped with a whirlpool quite fine and resistant as well as featuring a clutch well calibrated. The float must be 4 + 1-type sliding, stuck at the top with a grain of rice and 35-40 cm from the hook positioned with micro swivel optional. I recommend a “fluorocarbon” from 40 cm, depending on the clarity of the water. Now you have to calibrate the float: you arrive at the bottom with a small probe, thus lower than twenty centimeters. In this way your bait will be constantly on the move, and driven by the weight of the hook, it will subside gently, allowing you to have the best possible result. As I like to use a type 12. (N. b. Remember to wear non-slip shoes to avoid unscheduled baths, and a hat, so as to prevent sunstroke).

At this point you just have to choose your bait. I recommend the classic worms, the so-called “maggots”: use at least two or three at a time and remember to cover all your love.
Now you’re finally ready to fish and carry triumphant home specimens of sea bream, sea bream, sea bass and whatnot, so arm yourself with fishing pole and have fun.