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Something that seems very appropriate when we engage in an activity like fishing, is that all our equipment and implements work in perfect harmony, that everything is perfect and that we can get the most out of the items we have purchased. Today in Pescacosmar we bring you the perfect combination for your surfcasting fishing team of the prestigious Tubertini brand.

Tubertini Fishing Rods for Surfcasting

Tubertini surfcasting rods are an example of resistance, comfort and precision, currently the catalog Tubertini has more than 18 models of special rods for fishing on the beach. They have been designed to meet the expectations of professional competitors and until they do not get the approval of the entire Tubertini team, the rods are not on the market.

At PescaCosmar we have selected 3 beautiful and powerful Tubertini surfcasting rods to satisfy our own customers:

Tubertini Reaction Surfing Reed

With a stylized and striking design the Reaction Surf cane can fall in love with just looking at it. It is made of carbon HM which makes it quite light, weighing only 575 gr for a total height of 4.25 meters. It is very precise and its semi-parabolic action allows to capture bulky and heavy prey without much difficulty.

It has ring KW and balloon pins, ideal for days when algae annoy. Also comes with DPS reel holders and a blanket to protect it and carry it when your three sections are folded.

Cane Tubertini Aquafortis Surf 4.2

A design evaluated until the tiredness and translated in an impeccable sample for the fishermen of surfcasting that look for quality at the best price. This model also has three pluggable sections that guarantee a height of 4.24 meters.

Its structural material is high strength carbon and a finish that allows it to avoid the consequences of saltpeter, sand and water. It has a formidable power that well exploited achieves distant distances.

Its total weight does not exceed 558 gr, and its range of action goes from 110 to 200 gr. Which will give you a great advantage over heavy prey. More information here.

Tubertini Corsair Surfing Rod

With just a few extra centimeters in the toe, the Tubertini Corsair Surf ensures a few more meters of distance when the waves retreat and the fish take depths. It is the ideal reed for risky and ambitious fishermen.

Folded has a size of 150 cm to carry comfortably in car or on slopes, while unfolding it reaches 4.30 meters in length. It is a strong and powerful cane of semiparabolic action that resists until 250 gr of pressure. However it is a little heavier than the previous models, (639 gr) however its comfort in maneuvering it more than compensates the extra weight.

Comes with threaded reel holders and Low Rider rings for smooth and speedy pick up.

Tubertini Reel for Surfcasting

Tubertini reels are true pieces of art and functionality, every year the brand likes to innovate and improve its previous models. In Pescacosmar we have married a particular model of Tubertini for Surfcasting. The Proskyner Nose Power reel is a jewel resistant to the impacts of the dam and the climate, which develops with fluidity and precision.

It can be used for multiple modalities but has been specially designed for fishing in the sea and the beach. It has a total weight of 635 gr and a capacity of 200 meters of line, for a thread of 0,40 mm.

Its powerful 12 kg brake allows it to withstand the fight with large prey, releasing the heat efficiently. Its ergonomic handle on the other hand is a great advantage to collect with marked fluidity.

Tubertini Surfcasting Lines

A good line can make the difference between a successful day and a failure, the prestigious team of Tubertini will not fail you as to the thread, but there are many options to choose from.

If it is Surfcasting you need a thread of low memory that achieves the maximum possible distance, the resistance on the other hand will be fundamental since we will be working from a distance. As for color the discussion is open: there are those who prefer invisibility at all costs, while for others, camouflage is more appropriate.

Invisible Thread Tubertini Gorilla Surf

For days of calm, clean, sunny and transparent sea, Tubertini brings you theGorila Surf line, a low memory monofilament very popular among fishermen surfcasting, thanks to the wide variety of diameters offered and its invisible color under Water.

Its ULC coating makes the line slip with smoothness and minimal resistance, which guarantees a considerable distance for the line bass, compared to other yarns that are slowing the hauling due to its texture.

Tubertini Braided Thread Concept X8

When the sea looks cloudy and the big predators are hovering around the sandbars near the beach, we recommend using a strong wire that goes unnoticed by the curious fish. The Tubertini Concept X8 Thread will be ideal for the task.

It is a strand of 8 strands of soft texture . They are compressed milimetrically, avoiding the noise and maximizing the smoothness when sliding through the rings. It slides easily but provides great flexibility and resistance to pressure and abrasion during hauling and pickup.

Its olive green camouflage perfectly under water, making it practically invisible, the coils can be purchased in 8 different diameters, for a total distance of 274 meters. To complete your look Tubertini, in PescaCosmar we give you a cap of the brand when buying this cash line.

Tubertini hooks

Tubertini is also famous for its high-quality hooks and super-sharp tips that ensure the sticking of the strongest jaws.

Tubertini Nikelato 1T Series Hooks

The hooks of series 1 T are small, very sharp and long-legged. Manufactured and coated in Nikon to provide flexibility and strength. They are recommended hooks for the surfcasting modality, since their long leg helps to improve the presentation of annelids (worms), are perfect to nail small and greedy dams.

Tubertini Nikelato Series 2 hooks

The nikelato Series 2 hooks  are the most versatile competition, have a rounded tip, the median and average leg strength. The tip is one of the strongest and best sharpened on the market, can be used for almost any mode and with any bait, which is a great advantage for surfcasting competitors.

Additional Items Tubertini for Surfcasting Fishing

Now that we have assembled the entire Tubertini team, you will want them to be kept and protected from external factors. So you will need a backpack and a porta reels to store your surfcasting fishing gear.

Porta Reels Tubertini XL

A small waterproof neoprene bag will be ideal for keeping your Tubertini purchases carefully, you can use them to save the reel or any piece separately, but you can also place it as a blanket once the reel is already attached to the cane.

Tubertini Backpack Zaino Pro 10

More than 8 spacious compartments in a compact size to store everything you need during your fishing trip to surfcasting saving the maximum space. With it you can carry your baits, toolbox for bass line, reels, flashlights, personal items and more.

Tubertini Top Fishing Glue Mach-2 Glue

The secret of fishermen with the most resistant bass line. You can apply it in knots, beads, terminals, threads, loops, guides that have been pointed etc. Say goodbye to the weakness of the knots, with this ally Tubertini.

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