Extreme Experience: Monster Catfish From The Jungle

Hot temperature, high humidity and giant fish: This is fishing in the jungle. The team of Andree’s expeditions in Suriname (South America) Despite these severe conditions Goliath catfish to 120 kilograms caught.

The adventurers to expedition leader Andreas Kane and Florian Rosenheimer found anything other than simple conditions in the three year’s expeditions in the rain forest of South America. By the unusually long rainy season, high water levels and decreasing water temperature, the angler’s had not easily. “This year it was very hard for us. But even the rain could not tarnish our good mood and all have endured! “, so Andreas Kane after the expedition.”

The catfish were not as active as usual, however, could catch the three expedition groups total 53 Goliath catfish (Piraibas). Eight Piraibas it reached a weight of over 90 kilograms. The average size was between 140 and 180 centimetres. In addition to the Goliath catfish participants several Tarpone, piranhas, and Karl could (Plagioscion surinamensis), outwit a very similar to the pike perch species for spin fishing.

The Piraibas are among the largest Amazonian catfish in the world and can reach a weight of over 200 kilos. The Suriname is one of the best areas in the world for these forest giants Andreas Kane’s team was already repeatedly demonstrated provided. Last year’s expedition, Andreas was able to catch a copy of 210 centimetres in length and well 120 kilos.

Every year Andrée’s expedition to catch several supervised expeditions to Suriname to the world’s largest Amazon catfish. For the coming year, there are still a few a few places on the coveted expeditions. Is also possible even in small, individual groups of three people on the hunt after the Goliath walking catfish.