Everything You Need to Know for Trout Fishing

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rout fishing is one of the most popular in the world, as this specimen is found in fresh water and is easily accessible for most fishermen. Here at PescaCosmarwe bring you a very complete article so that you learn everything about it and you can stand out in your region or fishing zone.

The good thing about trout fishing is that it lends itself to camping days and family vacations, so you can spend quality time with your kids and enjoy nature.Let’s learn a little about the species.

The trout

The trout is a river fish that prefer cold regions, is native to Europe and Asia, however, because of its exquisite meat free of thorns, eventually was moved to America and Oceania. It belongs to the family of the salmonids and stands out for its silver-speckled silver color.



Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, the Venezuelan Andes, Peru, Bolivia, USA.Patagonia.


Cold, clear and clean sweet waters, rivers and lagoons.

Physical description

It is a species of good size that can reach 60 cm in length, although it is more probable to fish specimens of 10 cm up to 40 cm in length. It has an adipose fin on the back and its color is silver with brown flashes in the lower part, it also has black speckles that distinguish it from other fish.


It mainly prefers worms, but does not rule out crustaceans and smaller fish.

Other species

Due to their reproduction with other specimens, trout may present some notable differences from one region to another. The differences can be seen in the shape of the head, the fins and the colors. While others are differentiated by their customs; Like the head of steel in Spain, which can spend all their life in the ocean and go to the mouths of the rivers just to spawn.

Equipment or kit for fishing Trout

Now entering the subject of materials. We will highlight all the equipment you need, to catch trout as an expert.

Special reed for light/medium spinning

The days of trout fishing are very enjoyable and you do not need a heavy or too long equipment as the trout fight is not as strong as that of other marine species.However take into account the area in which you are going to fish, because if the size of the specimens is very large, you will be more comfortable with the use of a medium spinning rod.

In PescaCosmar we would like to recommend you the Shimano cane CX 240, an extremely versatile model that will be used for trout fishing and any other species in the spinning mode. It is made of carbon and its range of action is 10-30 grams.It has a medium height (2.40 meters) and weighs only 165 grams.

Spinning reel

Although many recommend 1000 size reels for trout fishing, it must be said that one so small would not allow enough versatility for another fishing day, so we recommend you take into account other factors. Choose a light spool size 2000 to 5000, which has a sensitive rotor during winding. If you are not sure which one to choose, we recommend the Shimano Rarenium C14 3000 SFB reel, made of a special Shimano brand fiber that

Fishing line for trout

The disadvantage in trout fishing is that the areas where they are usually very clear and clean, any strange changes in the current can make them suspicious.Then we need to go unnoticed as far as possible in front of our prey. Therefore, the most used threads are low memory opaque, fluorocarbon threads or those of green or light brown color that are disguised with the colors of the background.The number will depend on the average size of the fish, but in general the one that lasts between 3 and 4 kilos will be more than enough.

eliminates excessive weight of metal casings. No need to reduce rigidity or power.

If you are going to catch a fly, we recommend that you use a floating rat tail, so that the trout confuses your fly fishing baits with the real insects that buzz on the surface.

Fishing wader

Although not mandatory, having a wader gives you great comfort. With him you can enter the river without worrying that you go to get wet or that the water will overflow the rubber boots. They also come in colors that camouflage very well in the background. So you will go unnoticed while fishing for trout, black bass, pike, and other suspect species.

Rubber boots and fishing hat

Boots the taller and lighter the better, so do not fill up with water as you walk upstream. The fishing hat will help you to avoid the inclement weather and the sun.

Baits and lures for trout fishing

The trout, though suspicious, is quite greedy. If a bait or lure captures your attention it will be fairly easy to chop. However the trout is quite intelligent and will want to take the bait without touching the hook. Therefore you have to be very careful when assembling the bass line and when hooking the bait, so that everything is very well bonded.

But going to what concerns us. What is the best bait or lure for trout? With the great variety that is open for the fisherman it is impossible to choose one, however the rappels for the trout seem to be the favorites of the experts for its great variety and versatility.

Trout fishing with rapala include flotation, suspension, surface, depth and rattan models. As their names indicate, they are specially designed for each of the situations mentioned. In addition, the fisherman can choose between wooden rappels and plastic rappels.

Other baits and lures for trout:

River worm or earthworms.

Putty of garnished bread with garlic.

Salmon steak.

Very small live fish.


Trout fishing techniques and tricks

If you want to go for trout you should look for high and cold areas, (unless you are reading this article in winter), which guarantees you a quick find of these specimens. Firstly by temperature and second, because it is in winter when they enter mating stage and become more aggressive to defend their offspring, attacking everything they see without any discrimination.

Now speaking of techniques and tricks pay attention to the following:

 Use 8 to 10 cm rappels

The trout have been fond of rappels, surely they see them in the same way that we see a delicious ice cream. You just have to choose the color (flavor) that you think draws the attention of your prey.

Earthworms fed with coffee

If you are going to fish with worms, leave them the night before in a jar with the lees of used coffee. The next morning they will be bright and very active, which will delight your trout.

Do not dump your uncoloured and rusted teaspoons

Give it to your old teaspoons when you think about catching trout, take a container and fill it with Coca-Cola. Dip the teaspoons there overnight and then color them with indelible markers or nail polish. They will look like new.

Do not approach the sink until the trout has surrendered

Many have spent trying to take the pot to trout, which scares them incredibly, which gives them great strength and the possibility of breaking the line in a last effort to get rid of terror.

Do not go too heavy

Although it is normal to want to carry a great amount of materials and equipment to be prepared before any eventuality, we advise you to reduce the load to the minimum possible, to climb in the mountains and to fish in the river will tire you enough and also you have to reserve forces for the extra weight Of the specimens you are going to fish.

Do not go alone and have on hand first aid and weather equipment

You never know what can happen while we are in nature and away from shelter, rain, storms and floods of rivers can be very dangerous. Get out of the river and come up to your car if the weather becomes very inclement suddenly.

Use rubber worms

Rubber worms better resist lure trawling in the background and their colors attract more attention than trout than the original worms. However the movements made by the cane generate a misleading feedback with the funds, so it is sometimes difficult to know if the trout has really stung. You must practice to distinguish the bites, but once you do, you will notice that the earthworms become a very effective bait.

It’s all for today, we hope you find it useful. In another opportunity we will touch the subject of the fishing of trout to fly. See you soon and good fishing!


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