Entocou. And Now?

In addition to the factor of luck, a few tricks can help you unburrow the trophy, but there are not many rules for this, since the behavior of the fish is unpredictable and each case is a case. Sometimes the tactics work, why others do not, but the important thing is never to give up right away. You can adopt the following, not necessarily in that order:

Entocou. And Now 1

  • Look to invert the direction that you pull the line, as if I were unscrewing a bait.
  • Loosen the line for a few moments, this gap can stimulate the fish out of the burrow.

Entocou. And Now 2

  • With the line taut, pull on a movement long and drop abruptly, as if it were the string of a guitar. Repeat then the technique of “guitar”, the vibration of the bait in the fish’s mouth it may annoy him and make him come out of the woodwork.
  • Attach a lead with a snap on the line and let this strange object until you reach the fish can scare you and cause some reaction giving chances to pull it from the cache.
  • Stay tuned, the slightest movement of the fish, try to force him out of the ring and avoid it to return.

Entocou. And Now 3