Dusting Competition-Three Times: The Winners!

The winners in the contest three times dusting. If you’re among the lucky ones, you can find out here.

Following winners can look forward to one of three prizes:

1st place (Fox rage bait package): Dominik Franck
2nd place (Climax Synergy cord,Doiyo Koya 114 lure): Ladislaus
3rd place (Book: fishing 111 reasons to go – lucky on the small hook.): JS Bremen

Congratulations! Your address data send to to Our site us, so that we can send the profits to you.

We have a new contest for you. This time you can expect the following prizes:

The first prize is a Fox rage bait package, consisting of a pack of Spikey Shads Loaded in the color of salt ‘n’ pepper in 12 cm and 15 grams assembled Jig Heads. There is rage the 9 centimeter long Fox slick stick color Firetiger, which can reach a maximum depth of 4.5 meters.

The winner for the second prize will receive a 500-meter spool of monofilament Climax Synergy cord, with a lifting capacity of 3 kg with a diameter of 0.18 mm, as well as the multi-part Doiyo Koya 114 lure, with a length of 11.4 cm and 21 grams.

Winner number three must look forward to the 252-seitige book by Moritz Rott: to go – lucky on the small hook fishing 111 reasons.

How can you participate? Writes fishing either directly under the competition or on our. DE Facebook page, which means fishing for you and put the Hashtag #angeln behind your reply

The competition ends on Wednesday, the 9th September 2015, at midnight. Among all participants, three winners randomly and then notified. The legal action is excluded. We wish you good luck!