Check Out What Are the Methods of Fishing More Practiced

Considered one of the oldest human activities, the fishing can be used to relax or even so. Over the years, different techniques have been developed, including due to different conditions, as between sea and rivers. Some, however, are more committed than others, and therefore know what are the procedures for fishery more practiced.

Fishing in ravine

The most practiced by the most simple, fishing in ravine requires no special equipment and can be done from with fishing rods simple to rods with reel . Security, however, is a fundamental factor, since conditions can lead to accidents that could be avoided.

Pay attention to the flow of the River, rapids and local conditions are fundamental. The pitches tend to be shorter by the lack of space available and the most used are the natural baits.

Ocean fishing

Held at sea, this fishing mode requires boats with more efficient engines, sticks more resilient and more expensive equipment. Some fish can reach 250 kg and this modality should be done by following specific chains.

Beach fishing

Beach fishing is Already different from ocean fishing for being performed on sand instead. Deep beaches can be chosen or shallower, in addition to those with sand bank. In these cases, the most appropriate is a longer rod and fishing line thinner. The sinker must also be chosen properly to suffer lower drag of the waves.

Trolling fishing

This fishing mode , more common in sports fishing requires the boat remains in motion with the intention to make it appear that the bait is alive. The drag must be done at low speed and the rods should be shorter, and reinforced with thick line. This type of fishing reels reels in regard to prefer and can also be performed with more than one simultaneous line. The release must be designed so that the bait stay in clear waters, facilitating the attraction of fish.

Fly fishing

One of the oldest methods of fishing is fly fishing, characterized by simple, long and flexible rod with reel and line. The decoys are made of handmade way and so that imitate a fly or other invertebrate animals. For being very lightweight lures, the work of the cast is on the line – and, therefore, it is necessary that the rod be flexible to get the necessary impetus.

Round fishing

Already in fishing round mode it is necessary to go after fish by dragging the bait. Acceleration, however, must be constant and the reduced speed, since any changes or sudden movement can scare away the fish. That’s why the ideal is that the boat is left down the river and follow the water naturally. Are used from thick rods up sticks of reel or spool. And you can get more from

Fishing casting

Considered one of the fishing modalities more techniques, throwing fishing requires a knowledge of fish behavior and location. The release should be the most accurate possible and the bait must be moved in order to attract the natural predator. Is the case look like a bait weighs wound, for example.

This technique is commonly known as spinning and fishing mode in pitch to become progressively more popular in Brazil.

The arrangements for fisheries more practiced include options for the sea and rivers, besides having more or less handling techniques. Each mode has great features, such as type of stick or away from the pitch, always with the intention of attracting the natural predators of the bait. What is your favorite fishing mode? Have you developed any special technique? Comment with your experiences!

Want to check essential tips for a good fisherman? Please download our basic guide to fishing and if always keep informed for your next adventure!